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    Smart home automation systems allow you to create a comfortable and safe living environment with the tap of a screen. What was once a concept that was relegated to the realm of science fiction has now become a reality, as modern homes are routinely being equipped with integrated technology that can automate such features as lighting, temperature control, multimedia systems and security. The BeHome247 home automation system is one of the premier examples of such cutting edge smart home automation technology, as it can enable you to control key devices such as motion sensors, thermostats, water sensors, small appliances and much more, even while you’re away from home.

    Be “Home” Even When You’re at Work

    BeHome247 offer exceptional utility in terms of being able to keep tabs on your residence while you’re at work. You can monitor your home remotely by way of a secure online interface that gives you a quick snapshot of the status of all of your connected devices, and you can alter their settings as needed, all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. There are a myriad of scenarios for which knowing what’s going on at home while you’re at work would be exceptionally valuable; below are some examples to consider along these lines.

    Monitor Your Children’s Activity

    BeHome247 is a fantastic tool you can use to keep tabs on the activities of your children while you’re at work. If you have school-age children, how valuable would it be to know for certain that they made it home from school safely every day, and that your front door is securely locked behind them after they’ve entered the house? BeHome247 enables you to control your keyless locks from your online portal, so that not only can you issue an exclusive PIN code to your child to give him/her easy access into your home, but you can be alerted via text or email when that code has been used to gain entry. Security monitoring cameras can also be enrolled into your system, so you can monitor your children’s activity while they’re in the house.

    Keep an Eye on Your Pets

    If you have a pet at home, it goes without saying that they can sometimes get into some interesting situations when they’re alone for the day. With the BeHome247 remote security monitoring package, you can keep tabs on what your pet is doing while you’re at the office. If they accidentally make a mess or get into trouble, your video cameras will make you aware of the situation, so that you can make the necessary arrangements to care for your pet as soon as possible. You can also remotely lock and unlock pet doors as needed.

    Change Smart Home Settings at a Moment’s Notice

    Let’s say that you need to grant temporary access to a contractor who will be working in your house during the day. With the BeHome247 online portal, you can remotely unlock the door to give them access, and then secure the system again when they leave, all without having to disclose any access codes. You may also want to remotely adjust certain lighting or thermostat settings to accommodate the contractor while they’re working. Once they’re done, you can restore everything back to its normal setting, potentially saving you money on utility costs.

    Quickly Respond to Emergency Situations

    When your smoke sensors are enrolled into your BeHome247 home monitoring system, you can know immediately if any type of fire or heavy smoke has been detected in your home. You’ll be notified by a text message or email, and you can respond immediately instead of finding out after it’s too late. Your security cameras can also give you a visual of the situation, so that you’ll know the extent of the damage (if any), enabling you to respond accordingly.

    The convenience and control that BeHome247 offers you is second to none. Instead of having to take time off from work to deal with certain inconvenient situations, you can keep a close eye on what’s happening at your home in real-time, and remotely handle different situations as needed. Although science hasn’t yet discovered a way for us to be in two places at one time, BeHome247 gives you a good feel of what it might be like.

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