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  • The Benefits of Commercial Biometric Locks

    “Always locked, never locked out. Keyless security: on the door at a fraction of the price.”

    Want to eliminate the pain of collecting, issuing, and tracking your keys? Are you concerned about your security being compromised due to lost keys? Need a more effective approach to locking down secure areas? Is your perception that an advanced access control system is several thousand, if not tens of thousands of dollars per door?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these above questions, GoKeyless has the right solution for you. Discover the benefits, enhanced security, and affordability of biometric locks.

    How Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks Work

    Since the early 2000s, small, medium, and large businesses have found biometric locks to be a superior approach for controlling security access. Biometrics rely on unique physical characteristics for recognition. This means it works by using human identifiers (such as a person’s fingerprint) to lock/unlock your advanced access control system.

    Just by scanning the unique lines of a person’s fingerprint, biometric locks are more convenient than traditional deadbolts, and most importantly, more secure.”

    What Type of Commercial Security System Do You Need?

    Fingerprint locks offer an effective security clearance measure for commercial and corporate settings. But biometric fingerprint door locks are not the only form of authentication you can use for your building’s security. Although it sounds like something out of The Matrix, there are also facial recognition locks and retina scan options available to improve your security.

    Facial Recognition Locks

    • Some biometric locks can identify an authorized user by scanning a person’s face. Known as facial recognition, these locks only require a user to simply look into a machine—meaning there’s no physical contact required.2

    Retinal Scanning Locks

    • While not yet a widespread security solution, retinal scans operate under the same premise as fingerprint and facial recognition locks. Our eyes, like our fingerprints, are incredibly unique. In fact, the reason the reliability of retinal scans is so high is because no two people have the same retinal pattern, not even identical twins.

    Maintain Your Security: Achieve Peace of Mind

    Biometric access control locks retrofit your current knob and lever handle locks, making installation and programming a breeze and modification simple: “Biometric locks are a high-test security solution that generally allow you to unlock your door in three separate ways: by using a mechanical key, a fingerprint or a user password.” That means no more worrying about dead batteries or lost keys.

    While biometric locks may cost more than other keyless options, they are also an incredibly secure commercial security system, as “they are founded on the principle that each person has a unique set of features that are impossible to recreate.” These locks include record keeping of when a secured area has been entered and offers you the ability to determine who goes where and when within the allotted hours. You also have the ability to manage hundreds, or even thousands, of doors and users centrally from a computer.

    AreBiometric Locks the Right Fit for Your Business?

    You can’t put a price on peace of mind, but GoKeyless can help you find the right security solution that won’t break your budget. Say hello to the benefits of online access control without the expense and inconvenience of complicated cabling and wiring from door control boxes.

    Contact our lock experts today to learn more!

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