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  • Boost Your Loss Prevention with Electronic Locks

    Boost Your Loss Prevention with Electronic Locks

    For retail companies, eliminating and reducing theft is of the utmost importance. As a result, many retailers have made the switch from traditional keyed locks to electronic locks to better protect their storage rooms and merchandise cabinets. The reason is simple; electronic locks are more reliable and secure. Today, we’ll explore why retail companies are turning to electronic locks to boost their loss prevention efforts, and how you can do the same. Let’s get started!

    Common Issues Associated with Traditional Locks and Keys

    Traditional locks and keys have kept businesses safe for nearly 160 years. However, as businesses have evolved over the years, traditional locks and keys have become cumbersome and impractical. Business owners often have the following complaints:

    • Keys are easy to misplace, steal, break, or duplicate. This causes a frequent need for maintenance and rekeying, which requires both time and money.
    • Having multiple locks requires employees to carry multiple keys, which can increase the amount of time it takes to assist a customer. Research shows that the longer a customer waits, the more likely they are to walk away from a sale.
    • Employees often forget to relock cabinets or storage room doors after use. This increases the likelihood of theft taking place.

    With electronic locks, these common complaints are a thing of the past.

    Three Benefits of Electronic Locks

    When it comes to electronic locks, there are several access types and locking devices to choose from, including keypad, card, fob, and electronic keyless deadbolt locks with code access. Additionally, electronic locks come in a variety of styles, such as door and cabinet locks, depending on your business’s needs.

    1. Electronic locks allow business managers and owners to quickly change, update, or create an employee’s keycode, card, or fob, eliminating the risks created by compromised keys. Business owners and managers can even make changes to a card or fob that has been misplaced or stolen. This ability saves the company both time and money when compared to traditional keys.
    2. To open a locked storage room or cabinet, an employee simply punches in a keycode, swipes a card, or uses a fob to gain access. This technology saves time, as employees no longer have to find the correct key or request a supervisor’s assistance to access locked areas. As a result, the customer’s wait time is decreased and customer satisfaction is improved.
    3. When a door or cabinet is closed it’s automatically relocked. This means that managers and business owners don’t have to worry about customers having access to unlocked merchandise. Select locking systems allow owners and managers to set doors to lock at certain times of the day and record access activity. Having access to record logs can provide valuable information for managers, owners, or loss prevention personnel in the event of an incident.

    Making the Switch is Easy

    At GoKeyless, you will find a variety of electronic locks from the leading manufacturers, such as Schlage, Yale, and Trilogy, to meet your business’s unique needs. To learn more about our selection of electronic locks, visit the GoKeyless website today.