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  • Booze and House Keys Don't Mix Either

    We’ve all seen the public service announcements where friends never let a friend drive drunk, or the teenager’s pal who grabs the car keys from them as they head out the door, but what we’ve never seen, is a concerted effort to make the public aware of the dangers, misery, embarrassment, and frustration that can result from getting locked out of your residence while intoxicated. It’s been revealed you are more likely to lose your house keys when intoxicated.

    While you might be okay with making a spectacle out of yourself in front of your door at 2 O’Clock in the morning, we would rather see you enter safely at all hours of the day, and especially after dark when you may have had one too many. Don’t take this as a buzz kill, simply put a new keyless lock on your door before your next dinner party, friends night out, or special occasion. You won’t have to worry about losing your keys and putting yourself at risk. You’ll be able to come home, get inside quickly, and live to tell about it the next day.

    Kwikset Smartcode Keyless Deadbolt

    Of course if you are so out of your mind you forget your code, well… you probably will be stopped by the boys in blue.