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  • Choosing a Keyless Lock

    FACT: Keyless door locks are far superior to conventional locks in every way.

    You may be thinking, “Well, of course they’d say that. The name of their business is “GoKeyless.”

    You’re right, we sound a little biased—so let us prove why you really should go keyless and after you’re convinced we’ll outline how to select the right keyless lock for your home and business.

    As a side note, “YouReallyShouldGoKeyless” was the runner up when our founders were brainstorming names for the company. I think they made the right choice.

    Advantage: Keyless

    Okay, let’s get into it—here’s a list of the benefits of choosing keyless locks for your home or business over conventional locks:

    — Provides complete control of your security system
    — No more lost keys
    — Alleviates worry of children losing or lending their key
    — More convenient; no more digging for keys or fumbling with a handful of groceries
    — Relieves worry of predators using a skeleton key or copying/stealing the key
    — Adjust the combination without changing the lock
    — Limit authorization to specific people and even during specific times of day (on select locks)
    — Keep a log of who has accessed the vicinity and/or if the lock has been tampered with (on select locks)

    Aren’t keyless locks pricey?

    Many of our customers are shocked to learn the prices of advanced keyless systems compete with that of higher-grade key and lock systems. In addition, the cost of these devices is likely to continue to fall, as the technology behind them becomes less expensive to manufacture. In fact, as tech improves, keyless doors may eventually replace the key system altogether.

    Knowing the types

    You have choices when it comes to choosing the right keyless locks for your home or business. The key (*eyeroll)is to find a lock that not only fits your preference and budget, but also your security needs.

    Choosing a keyless lock diagram

    Oh, the choices — We can help!

    Chances are, whatever type of lock and key setup currently being used in your home or office has a nearly identical keyless version—sans the key.

    GoKeyless carries residentiallocks, access control systems, remote access locks – the list goes on and on. If you’re not sure where to start, that’s okay. Give us a call (1.877.439.5377) or engage our chat representatives. We’re ready to listen to home or office security needs and recommend solutions that fit your preference and budget.