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  • How Fingerprint Locks Can Save You Time and Money

    How Fingerprint Locks Can Save You Time and Money

    Only a few decades ago, the idea that you could unlock a door using no keys at all may have seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie, but now it’s becoming a part of our everyday lives. Advances in biometric scanning technology have brought tons of cool security products to the market, including locks that use your fingerprint for authentication. Since no two human beings have the exact same fingerprints, it’s one of the safest and most effective ways to ensure that you–and only you–can gain access to your home. Besides making you look and feel like a boss, fingerprint locks can also save you quite a bit of time and money; read on to find out how.

    1. Fingerprint locks are super-quick to use.

    Using traditional keys can be a slow process, because first you have to find them, and then you have to locate the actual key to the door among the many different items on your key ring. And let’s not forget that if your hands are full, you’re going to have to perform a balancing act just to get the key in the lock. With a fingerprint lock, all you have to do is walk up to the door, place your finger on the scanning pad, and the door will unlock in a split second. From start to finish, you might spend about two seconds opening the door, making fingerprint locks a huge time-saver.

    2. Fingerprint locks are safer than traditional locks.

    As mentioned earlier, you’re the only one who has your specific fingerprints, which means that unless your finger is the one being placed on the keypad, no access will be granted. This is worlds apart from the lackluster security that traditional keys provide. Think about it: If your key gets stolen, the lock is not going to care that someone else is using that same key to get into your home; it’s going to open anyway, because the only thing required for entry is having the right key. With a fingerprint lock, you’re the only one who can ever have the “key” to your door, because nobody else has your fingerprints but you! This can prevent costly break-ins, saving you untold amounts of money and stress.

    3. Fingerprint locks provide stricter access control for other people as well.

    Let’s say that you’ve made a couple of copies of the house key for your loved ones, but one of those keys happens to get lost or stolen. This can create a security hole big enough to drive a truck through. With a fingerprint lock such as the Anviz Biometric L100-II, you can program the lock to scan and recognize the fingerprints of others whom you have authorized to have access, so that only the people who are supposed to enter the house will be able to do so. This can really come in handy for business scenarios as well, as it will provide a higher level of workplace security by tightening down on access control. This ultimately means less potential for shady characters to get a foot in the door, which will keep your valuables safe.

    4. Fingerprint locks are cost-effective.

    Traditional door locks can get stiff, loose or just plain raggedy over time due to regular wear and tear, costing you time and money in repairs. Investing in a fingerprint lock means far less maintenance over the long haul.

    As you can see, there are quite a few benefits to owning fingerprint locks that can save you a significant amount of time and money. So what are you waiting for? Ditch those clunky keys and upgrade to a fingerprint lock!

    Anviz L100-II Nanotechnology Fingerprint Lock & Card Reader