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    Get smart with Gun Safety with GoKeyless

    Whether you hunt or own a firearm to keep your home or small business protected, practicing gun safety should always be at the top of your mind. And one way to ensure your guns stay out of the wrong hands is by keeping them locked in a secure storage device.

    Growing up, you may remember visiting grandparents and seeing grandpa’s hunting gun collection displayed in a handmade wooden and glass case. Today, you may have inherited that same collection, but rather than put it on display, your main concern is ensuring you’re the only one in the home with access to avoid gun accidents.

    To give yourself peace of mind, you may decide to invest in a quality safe that protects items from natural disasters, intruders, and curious hands. At GoKeyless, our selection of gun safes offer advanced features, including fingerprint door locks, electric keypads, and other security add-ons.

    Top 3 Gun Storage Safes from GoKeyless

    Gardall PS915-2522:Simplistic in design, advanced in security features, this pistol safe is perfect for home protection. If you own a single pistol at home but want to ensure your kids are unable to access it, this safe allows you to program a 3-6 digital security pin of your choosing. And if, during an emergency situation, you need to access the safe, it also features a manual key override for backup purposes. Though small in weight, this gun storage unit is able to mount to the floor, wall, bedroom dresser, or car to ensure it stays in one place and doesn’t move.

    Sentrysafe Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe: If you own a gun for safety, whether it’s for home or business protection, this advanced keyless pistol safe offers you quick, easy access that’s controlled by you and you alone. Featuring a heavy duty solid-steel constructed body, this safe is pry-proof, which means anyone without a code is unable to access its contents. The safe opens silently with a swipe of your finger, which can be incredibly important if an intruder is lurky near and is a big reason this pistol safe is so popular.

    This safe is also perfect for family valuables that you want to keep secure and in one place. And because of its soft, interior lining, you never need to worry about scratching jewelry or other family heirlooms that you want to protect. It also features bolt down hardware, which means bulgers cannot just grab your safe and head out the door.

    Gardall GF-6030: If you own guns for hunting, this firelined gun storage safe will ensure your rifles stay hidden and protected. Featuring double-layer protection against house fire, this safe can house up to 18 guns and includes 4 anchoring holes. Whether you decide to store your guns at your home or at your cabin, this gun storage unit features 3-way lock bolts and a U.L. Group II lock with spyproof dial. And though this state-of-the-art gun safe does require a bit more investment than the other two on our list, we all know you can’t put a price on your family’s safety.

    Practice Safe Gun Storage with Help from GoKeyless

    Protecting the safety of your home, loved ones, and business means keeping your weapons out of reach from others. To help you properly store and secure your firearms to prevent gun accidents, contact GoKeyless at (877)439-5377. We want to understand your gun safety needs, so we can direct you to the best products on the market that provide maximum protection and keyless access that’s in your control.

    Remember to always practice gun safety!