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  • How It Works: Kaba E-Plex Wireless Accessories

    Wireless Signal

    Product: Wireless accessories for the E-Plex Enterprise Access Control System

    AKA: E-Plex Wireless stuff

    The E-Plex wireless system is designed to be flexible and scalable. Whether starting out new with wireless technology or adding on to an existing system, building a Kaba Wireless System is as simple as:

    • Conducting a site survey
    • Choosing an E-Plex Lock
    • Choosing an antenna kit
    • Placing the Gateway/Routers



    Benefits of Going Wireless With E-Plex

    1. Real-time functionality of events and alarms
    2. Eliminates visiting doors to update information
    3. Centralized access control management
    4. Ability to manage both wireless and stand-alone locks
    5. Emergency global lockdown or passage of locks
    6. Manage up to 100 wireless locks without a network interface
    7. Compatible with existing Wi-Fi network using optiontal adapter
    8. Proven wireless technology
    9. Mesh network for redundancy
    10. Portability allows locks to be easily moved