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  • How to Protect Your Home from a Pickpocketer

    Pickpocketing from the bag of a young woman in a park

    Is it possible for a pickpocketer to end up with full access to your home? As nightmarish as that may sound, many people have found themselves in that very situation. Take this scenario, for example: A woman is engaging in a marathon Christmas shopping session at the local mall, and she decides to take a break and grab a bite to eat at the food court. She drapes her purse over the back of her chair as she sits down to eat. Only a few moments later, a pickpocketer quietly and skillfully manages to snatch her purse as he walks by. In all the noisy hustle and bustle of the holiday crowd, she doesn’t even notice that her purse is gone until it’s too late.

    Think about it: Not only does the thief now have total access to her credit cards, but he also has the keys to her vehicle, and her home. He can look in her wallet for her driver’s license to find out her home address in instant. Some thieves have even used the GPS system in the vehicle they’re stealing to lead them directly to the victim’s home! With one swift and subtle action at the food court, the pickpocket has basically hit paydirt, and can now ransack the woman’s home and take whatever he chooses.

    These types of scenarios happen more often than you might think, and as the holiday season kicks into full gear, incidents of pick-pocketing typically begin to increase. Credit cards you can cancel, but is there a way to protect your home from an unwanted intruder in the event that your house keys are stolen? Well, let’s back up a second and pose an even better question–what if the thief doesn’t have any house keys to steal?

    That’s why keyless locks are the million dollar answer for home protection. Simply put, a thief is out of luck if he tries to break into a house that is equipped with keyless locks. Whereas traditional keys can be stolen and used by anyone to gain access to a home, only authorized users will know the code for a keyless lock, creating a solid barrier of protection from unwanted visitors. Instead of having to worry about clunky old-school house keys falling into the wrong hands, all you have to do is create a personal access code that you can punch into the lock’s keypad to enter your home.

    Residential keyless locks such as the Schlage FE575 will perfectly fit the bill for this purpose. If you want to take it a step further and not even have to use a code, you can go for the NextBolt NX4, which requires only your fingerprint to unlock the door. No matter which keyless lock you choose, you can be assured that you’ll have a robust, pick-proof, bump-proof lock that will render any intruder’s attempts at entry completely futile.

    So give yourself the gift of security this holiday season by switching to keyless locks. Not only will you completely eliminate the risks that come with traditional keys, but you’ll have greater peace of mind knowing that only family–and Santa–will be able to enter your home this Christmas.

    SCHLAGE FE575 Camelot Auto-locking Keypad Lock

    NextBolt NX4 Fingerprint Deadbolt w/ Secure-Mount Kit