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    A handgun being stored in a safe with other valuables.

    All of us have things that we consider to be valuable enough to store or hide away, and this is one of the reasons why having a safe is such a good idea. Not only are safes the perfect place to keep valuables such as jewelry, money and sensitive documents, but they’re also a great way to keep firearms out of the reach of children. Below are some examples of the different types of safes you can use to provide an added layer of protection for your important possessions.

    Fire Safe

    Besides being a nightmarish scenario in general, a house fire can permanently destroy important documents and valuable possessions if they’re left unprotected. This is why many homeowners use a fireproof safe to protect items such as:

    • Birth certificates
    • Auto titles
    • Insurance policies
    • Wills
    • Social Security cards
    • Passports
    • Health care documents
    • Safe deposit box keys
    • Jewelry
    • Coins
    • Cash

    While there are several fire safes on the market that use traditional keys and locks, this can be a huge inconvenience if you ever happen to lose the keys to the safe. The best route to take to ensure ease of access (while still offering maximum security) is to use a keyless fire safe instead. For example, the Gardall MS911-G-E microwave-style fire safe features an electronic style lock that requires you to enter an access code into the keypad in order to open the safe. So instead of fumbling around with keys at a very inconvenient time (i.e., an emergency), you can just punch a few keys in order to get fast access to your goods. As far as protection goes, the Gardall is definitely no slouch – it has been called the “King Kong of safes” because of its heavy-duty steel construction and its UL-approved fire resistance rating.

    Wall Safe

    If you want to be a little more “slick” about where you’re storing your valuables, you can always choose a wall safe, which offers more security due to being hidden out of plain sight. These types of safes are designed to be installed within a thick wall (typically 4 inches or more), and they can be hidden behind a large picture or a mirror to add an extra layer of security. With a safe such as the Gardall WS-1314-T-EK Concealed Wall Safe, you can store valuables such as jewelry, coins, flash drives, handguns, and other possessions safely away from the reach of thieves, and experience a cool spy movie feel to boot.

    Commercial Safe

    Every business has at least a few important items that need to be locked away. For restaurants, convenience stores, and practically any other business that uses a cash register, a safe such as the Gardall DS-1210-G-C Compact Utility Safe can keep excess till cash secure and out of sight. This can reduce the risk of theft and ensure a safe transfer of cash when the time comes.

    Gun Safe

    It goes without saying that keeping firearms locked away is an extremely important security measure, especially if you have small children in your home. Hiding a firearm in a drawer or under the mattress is only slightly better than leaving it out in the open, as this news story illustrates. To ensure the highest level of safety, you can store your firearms (and other valuables) in a safe such as the AMSEC IRC412, which only allows access for those who know the security code. You can place the IRC412 on a shelf or even in your nightstand drawer to ensure strong and safe storage for your handgun.

    You don’t have to leave your valuables vulnerable to damage or theft. Keep the above options in mind to ensure that your important possessions are being safely stored away.

    Gardall MS911-G-E Horizontal 1 Hr. Microwave Fire Safe

    Gardall WS-1314-T-EK Concealed Wall Safe for 4″ Walls