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    Keep Your Valuables Safe with Cabinet Locks

    Cabinets are commonly used to store everything from knick-knacks to valuables, and although they’re one of the most convenient storage solutions out there, they can leave much to be desired in terms of security. What’s amazing is that you can spend all kinds of money on a nice cabinet set, but no matter how well-made it is, oftentimes it comes equipped with a rinky-dink lock that even an amateur crook could bypass without too much hassle. Not only that, but the equally rinky-dink key they give you to go with the lock can be easily lost or stolen, which can create a security nightmare if you’re actually trying to protect something valuable inside of the cabinet unit.
    Thankfully, some of the world’s brightest minds decided to gift the human race with keyless cabinet locks. Instead of having to worry about keeping up with a key for your cabinet (which always seems to find its way off your key ring somehow), you can install a keyless cabinet lock that enables you to protect and access your valuables at the push of a few buttons on the keypad. For example, the KitLock KL1200 is a standalone electronic pushbutton lock that you can integrate into your existing cabinet for a fraction of what it would cost to hardwire that same cabinet for electronic keypad access. You can program whatever code you want to use for the lock, and when you’re ready to access your valuables, just simply enter the access code using the keypad, and you’re good to go. You can set the lock for repeated use, or if you’re using it for a multi-occupancy space (e.g., a locker in a health club, etc.), you can opt for the single-use function that will allow you to create a “disposable” code that will lock and unlock the device only once, and then be discarded.
    Keyless cabinet locks such as the KL1200 are the ideal solution for practically any type of storage device that you might need to secure, including:

    • Cabinets – You can protect sensitive paper files or folders, data discs or external data storage devices, server racks, medical supplies, etc.
    • Lockers – You can protect work uniforms and equipment, gym clothes, school books and supplies, sports equipment, etc.
    • Cupboards – You can protect office supplies, bedside supplies (health care), hazardous or dangerous chemicals or materials, etc.
    • Trolleys – You can protect various medical supplies, tools and other valuable equipment.
    • Desks – If you’re like most people, you end up storing all kinds of things in your work desk; you can protect personal and work-related valuables that you want to keep handy, but don’t want to keep out in the open.

    Another important benefit of using keyless cabinet locks is the fact that it’s a colossal time saver. If you’ve ever had to spend half your work day looking for that little key to unlock your file cabinet, you know how much of an inconvenience it can be. Not only that, but if you have a traditional lock on your cabinet, it can be subject to a lot of wear and tear, especially if you’re accessing the cabinet several times per day. It’s not uncommon for those types of lock-and-key systems to get worn out, or just stop working altogether. With the help of a keyless cabinet lock, you can not only leave that old-school method of security behind, but you can streamline your efforts while keeping your valuables safe and sound.

    KitLock KL1200 Heavy-Duty Electronic Keyless Cabinet Lock