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    Are you on the hunt for the perfect keyless locks? This straightforward keyless locks buyer’s guide can help. When you’re shopping for keyless locks, you want to be mindful of certain elements which will have an impact on your selection. By giving thought to, and verifying just a few simple things concerning your project, you can feel good about getting the right system, and not overpaying for something you don’t need, or having to upgrade only a few months down the road because your needs have changed.

    Make sure you consider the following points below as you are deciding on keyless locks, or an access control system. At anytime you would like to go over your project with a sales professional, you can contact us by a variety of methods. Having outfitted keyless locks on a motley of different door types we have the expertise to put you into the perfect system, and assist you in avoiding the pitfalls some make when buying these products.

    First, determine your door type. You will either have a standard wood/fiberglass door, standard metal fab door, aluminum frame glass door, or all glass door. Aluminum frame glass doors come in narrow, medium, and wide stiles, which describes the width of the aluminum perimeter frame. If you have a narrow stile, you will need to select from our offering of narrow stile keyless locks.

    Electronic Narrow Style Keyless Locks

    Mechanical Narrow Style Keyless Locks

    What type of existing lock do you have? Residences will typically have a top deadbolt lock, and a bottom door knob. Standard commercial doors have a lever or knob lock, with a lever and knob on both sides of the door, or with a horizontal push bar on the inside of the door. If you have a touchbar, take a look to see if there is a latch protruding out from the end of the bar at the door edge, or if there are bolts, or latches at the very top and bottom of the door. For these exit doors with the touchbars, you will want to be sure and shop our selection of keyless locks for panic exits.

    Electronic Exit Door Keyless Locks

    Mechanical Exit Door Keyless Locks

    Is your locking mechanism a mortise chassis? A mortise chassis type lock is identifiable by the face plate and cut out in the door. Mortise locks typically have a tall face plate, and a deep hollowed out section of the door edge for the locking cartridge to slide into. A number of keyless mortise locks are available to retrofit this type of lock condition.

    Electronic Keyless Mortise Locks

    Mechanical Keyless Mortise Locks

    What do you want from your new keyless door locks? Is this a home where each family member can share a code, or is this a business, where you want to track entries, set authority levels, and restrict access based on time of day for multiple employees, vendors, and other personnel? There are keyless locks and access control solutions, (including new fingerprint locks and biometric access control!) for basic home and office applications, as well as mid-level, and enterprise-level facilities. New keyless locks have been developed for control from a PC and network, or even from a smart web-enabled cell phone.

    As the relied on source for keyless locks in the security equipment industry, we are keen to the many types of door conditions, hardware components, and security considerations for making a perimeter entry, or interior space keyless. W e have real-world knowledge and the ability to service all of the keyless locks and security products we sell. This guide is worth referencing when you want keyless locks.