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    An average campus has to manage thousands of locks and keys for its residence halls and dormitories. This is accomplished by the lock shop supervisor within the Physical Plant division. It may also be the responsibility of an on-campus locksmith, facility manager, or security director. Student Housing and Residence Life Directors have a part to play too.

    A shift is occuring to eliminate the traditional lock and key setup for dorms by using keyless locks. Why? Security, liability, and costs. Consider for a moment there is a copy of every key to fit every dorm room door, along with a set of master and grandmaster keys to open all doors on campus.

    Do these copied keys, and master keys ever turn up missing? Unfortunately they do. This creates an unprecedented security risk to students. And it only takes one instance of a violent crime to occur because of a stolen or lost key, for the University to face devastating public relations and legal battles.

    Keyless locks can reduce this exposure to the University, and make residence life safer for students. Keyless locks can also control costs. With so many keys to manage, and so many work orders to complete for key replacements because students are continually misplacing their keys, Colleges are beginning to pay attention to the savings keyless locks provide.

    Security equipment manufacturers, including Schlage and Kaba-Ilco, have recently brought to market new keyless door locks, specifically for the residence halls. The new locks deny access via a credential, typically a PIN, fob, or card. Only authorized, enrolled students can enter their pre-assigned living spaces.

    Since there is no key for the student to carry, or lose, the University and the student win. Doors will not be left propped open inviting crimes of opportunity, locks never have to be re-keyed, and a master credential replaces the master key, thereby reducing the security threat. The lock simply has to be re-programmed.

    When you have your dormitories outfitted with keyless locks you will put a stop to the endless phone calls from students wanting to know if there locks will ever be updated, and when they can get their key replaced. You will strengthen your residence halls’ lock system, ensuring it can’t be compromised. With keyless locks you won’t have to check keys in and out, not even knowing where 20-30% of the keys are at any given time.

    If your campus wants to provide your students a safer, more convenient college experience, fortify your residence hall and dorm safety, and successfully limit your exposure to the risks associated with an antiquated key system, make a commitment today to invest in keyless door locks. To get started and review your project, simply email us at sales@gokeyless.com, or call us toll free at 1.877.439.5377 and speak to one of our campus security associates.