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    The stock market may be setting new records, but we all know this is still a tough economy. Many of us are working longer, and for less. Many company bottom lines are being squeezed. This doesn’t mean our desires for updating our homes, or making our offices safer has diminished. In fact, and this is evident from soaring number of people looking for security solutions who come and talk to us each day, this economy is making people more inclined to better protect themselves, and their stuff.


    As the hundreds of thousands of GoKeyless clients in the last ten years will tell you, keyless door locks are a safe, technology forward way to do this. The choices however are numerous, and if you’re on a budget, it may be difficult to know where to start. We are here to set your mind at ease; finding a keyless lock for your house, or business, and doing it within a budget, can be done.

    The first step is to stay away from electronic and bio locks. These locks, because of their advanced programming, user features, and electronic parts, and sensors, are going to force you to rethink what you wanted to spend.

    Look for a solution within our mechanical keyless locks category. Here you can find a new, pushbutton lock for virtually any door condition, and application, commercial, or residential. You will eliminate the need to use keys, minimize, if not eliminate the threat of lock outs, and feel the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders the next time you think the key is lost. It will no longer matter, your private security code lets you in.


    Whether your door requires a new keyless lock to interface with a panic bar, fit in a narrow stile framed storefront entrance, or replace your deadbolt, there are mechanical keyless locks in a variety of finishes to help you make the switch.

    Start here, and start feeling more secure until America fully turns the corner on this sour economy, and then come back and see us to swap out your mechanical lock for a new fingerprint system.