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  • Locks in the News: Firefighters Come to the Rescue of Parents Locked Out by One-Year-Old

    Surprised toddler

    Two unnamed parents from Berkshire, England endured a brief but panic-worthy situation when their one-year-old child accidentally locked them out of their home. The couple was forced to wait for about an hour until local firefighters could arrive to assist with the situation. According to news reports, the firefighters had to carefully remove a glass pane from a window in order to gain access to the home and allow the parents to reunite with their young boy.

    Fortunately, the little boy seemed to remain none the wiser about the seriousness of the situation; according to his parents, the boy appeared to be “happy” as they viewed him through the patio doors. Firefighters did not have definite answer as to how the toddler managed to lock his parents out, but their best guess was that the young boy may have leaned a little too hard against the door, which ultimately caused it to lock shut, leaving his parents stranded outside.

    Believe it or not, situations like this happen all the time, but quite a few of these scenarios have not resulted in happy endings. The potential danger that can come along with accidental lock-outs underscores the importance of having locks that are manageable enough to be disengaged in emergency situations. No doubt, keyless locks fit this description better than any other type of lock on the market.

    Think about it: If you were to ever find yourself in that type of situation, you would basically be up the proverbial creek with no paddle if your door was equipped with a traditional cylinder (a.k.a. pin and tumbler) lock. You’d either have to call (and possibly wait several hours for) a locksmith, or you’d need to become very proficient at picking locks really quickly. If neither one of these options are doable, you’d be put in the uncomfortable position of trying to figure out how to break in to your own house. This is not only embarrassing, but if you do it wrong, it could possibly lead to some type of property damage.

    Now imagine how different the scenario would be if your door was equipped with a keyless lock such as the Schlage FE575 keypad lock. As long as you know your passcode, all you need to do is punch it into the keypad, and you’re back in your house with no delay. The great thing about it is that you are in complete control; no need to call a locksmith and incur an unplanned expense, and no need to perform any kind of acrobatics to try and gain access to your own home. It’s easy to see how much stress, anxiety and inconvenience you could completely prevent if you decided to go keyless. While there’s no doubt that most of us try to be extra-careful when it comes to securing our home, accidents can and do happen, and the best way to be properly prepared for any potential lock-out scenario is to equip your home with keyless locks.

    SCHLAGE FE575 Camelot Auto-locking Keypad Lock