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  • Police Distressed Over Rise in Use of Bump Keys

    Police Distressed Over Rise in Use of Bump Keys

    ABC News and Good Morning America just ran a big news piece on the rise in use of “bump keys” to break into homes. These keys can be purchased on the internet by anyone and are then used to enter homes, sometimes undetected by the homeowner. ABC News gives a great demonstration of how this works. Watch here:

    We are so glad that mainstream media is finally taking notice of a serious threat to homeowners and their private property. We have been voicing this for many years. Take a moment to read more about bump keys and the threats they pose.

    Age Old Practice of Locking a Door Has a New Enemy

    What Are Bump Keys and How Can You Protect Your Home Against Them?

    Don’t Get Bumped – How to Protect Your Home from Bump Keys

    In each of these articles we discuss the problem and we offer several alternate solutions including “Bump Proof” locks.

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