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  • The Thing About Home Automation That Everyone's Getting Wrong

    young man at home couch working with mobile phone and digital tablet

    The Internet of Things has emerged in full force, and if you’ve been following this burgeoning trend, you’re probably well aware of the tsunami of smart home automation products that have been released onto the market.

    From smart home theater systems and thermostats to intelligent door locks and light switches, the promise of increased ease of use and unbeatable convenience has prompted scores of tech enthusiasts to outfit their homes with all manner of smart gadgetry, with the hopes of simplifying their life and eliminating some of the humdrum tasks that are simply a drag to have to perform manually every day.

    While this is a noble ambition, it’s actually easier said than done; in fact, we can actually make things worse for ourselves by getting a little too “gung-ho” with buying all kinds of different smart home products. And why is this, you ask? Well, it all comes down to a little thing called integration.

    Different Gadgets = Different Apps and Protocols

    So you may have bought a Nest thermostat, along with a couple of Philips Hue lightstrips, a Kwikset smart door lock, a Sonos smart speaker for your music, etc., all of which are great as standalone devices. The only problem is that each one requires its own separate app, and each interface has its own particular nuances and details to learn, which means you’ll have to spend quite a bit of time perusing several different instruction manuals and tutorials before you can get everything to work like it’s supposed to without pulling your hair out.

    In other words, there’s no way to integrate (and thus simplify) the use of these various devices. When you’re jumping through all of these different hoops just to make your home “smarter,” is it really even a smart move to make?

    BeHome247: The Integration Solution

    This is what BeHome247 is all about: Eliminating the inconvenience and potential confusion that can come from having too many different apps and interfaces to manage. With the BeHome247 virtual interface, you have the ability to corral your various smart home devices into one integrated dashboard, which makes controlling them so much easier.

    Not only that, but you also won’t have to fiddle with several different adapters due to each device “speaking a different language” in terms of their wireless communication protocol. BeHome247 utilizes the highly popular Z-Wave standard, which is compatible with a wide range of smart home devices. Not only will Z-Wave simplify the device management process, but it’s also highly efficient in terms of power consumption and range of use.

    Manage Multiple Devices from One Screen

    BeHome247 gives you an online portal that you can access any time in order to manage your various smart home devices from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. With one quick tap of the screen (or click of the mouse), you can view the status of all of your connected devices and adjust or control their settings as you see fit.

    Imagine being able to lock your front door, dim the dining room lights and bump the thermostat up a couple of degrees, all without leaving your couch. For that matter, you can do those same things from another state as long as you have an Internet connection!

    It doesn’t take a genius to see that integration is the best way to go. Save yourself a ton of time and headaches by connecting all of your smart home devices through BeHome247!