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    Since door locks were invented over 4000 years ago in ancient Egypt, much has changed as to the types of locks available. Today, there are door locks to fit any style and security need. What follows is a general outline of the types of door locks you can find in the 21st century.

    Until the 1960’s, door locks were only available in a traditional lock and key configuration. These keyed-in door locks are still available today. They are a dying breed however because of the inherent security flaws posed by keys. The mechanical locks being made today include keyed-in latch and bolt locks. Rim, mortise, and cross bore, are the names most commonly used to describe them. These door locks provide entry, storage, and classroom functions. Mechanical locks are cataloged and classified to the market they serve, their security features, how they are constructed, how they are installed, along with their manufacturer brand name, model and style, and finish.

    New door locks not requiring a key, are being adopted swiftly because of their increased security and convenience. These cutting edge door locks, are most often referred to as keyless door locks. Similar to their outdated cousin the mechanical lock, keyless door locks are cataloged by brand name, purpose served, style, and finish. The types of keyless door locks available are more numerous than a traditional key lock. You can find push button keyless door locks which use a pin and tumbler system for granting and denying access via a code, electronic cipher locks which use a keypad to authorize passage, and card, fob, and fingerprint locks.

    Like mechanical locks, keyless door locks can be chosen for mortise, rim, and cross-bore fittings. Keyless door locks will retrofit nearly 97% of existing mechanical key locks. Many times, there is no modification or drilling required to use the new door locks. If there is, it’s typically with the industrial, extreme heavy duty keyless door locks, and is nothing but a few extra mounting holes to fasten the lock to the door.