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  • Wake-Up Call - How to Use Home Automation to Help You Get out of Bed in the Morning

    Young guy in bed putting off the alarm clock

    Have you ever had one of those mornings where it felt like your bed was a gigantic magnet, holding you hostage underneath those warm and comfortable covers? Try as you might, there are simply some mornings where the task of getting out of bed can seem to be more demanding than running a marathon. On those kinds of days, wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of help? Well, thanks to home automation technology, you actually can get a little bit of assistance on those days when you’re feeling absolutely zero motivation to roll out of bed and get going.

    Imagine this scenario: Your alarm clock goes off first thing in the morning, and then seconds later, the lights in your room slowly begin to illuminate, gradually increasing in brightness as your eyes get adjusted to the light. The lights in your kitchen and dining room also turn on, and your coffee maker automatically begins to brew a fresh pot of coffee, sending a pleasant aroma throughout the house. The blinds in your living room begin to open up, allowing the natural sunlight to bathe the room. Your thermostat automatically turns on, either warming or cooling the house to your liking. Your entertainment system perks up and begins to crank up your favorite playlist, helping you to get into the right mindset for your day. And the coolest thing about it? All of this is done without you having to lift a finger, because you had already established these routine settings with your home automation system.

    What you’ve basically done is automated the most mundane tasks of your daily routine, which can greatly relieve the stress of having to manually slog through these daily motions over and over again. Having a home automation system in place can also help you clear your mind, as each one of these daily tasks demands a portion of your attention, which can add up to a boatload of things to think about before you even realize it.

    This is what the BeHome247 home automation system is all about: It affords you the opportunity to connect all kinds of smart home devices–lights, thermostats, blinds, entertainment systems, small appliances and so forth–to an integrated hub that will allow you to establish “routines” for each of these devices using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. With the tap of a screen or the click of a mouse, you can decide when you want your lights to turn on, how warm or cool you want your house to be, how much light you want coming into your house first thing in the morning, and when you want your first pot of coffee ready. The ability to set all of these devices to suit your daily routine and preferences is a huge time-saver, as well as an amazing stress-reliever. Once you’ve established all of your device routines within the BeHome247 system, you can log into the online interface to manage them, adjusting them as you see fit. The great thing is that once you’ve connected your smart home devices to BeHome247, you can rest easier knowing that you’ll have a little help on those mornings when getting out of bed is tougher than usual.

    BeHome247 Wireless Smart Home Deadbolt Package