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  • Z-Wave Automation Technology….Used In Cabinets?

    Z-Wave Network

    You have all seen the commercial of the elderly couple vacationing at the cabin, picking up their cell-phone and hitting a button. The scene changes back to their home where it shows the lights dimming, the thermostat go down, the TV turn off, and the doors lock. That is the technology we have at our fingertips today with residential security and access control through Z-Wave technology. Z-Wave enables us to do just about anything we can imagine through a basic bridge controller and some simple add-on devices. The possibilities are truly endless.


    Now, how can that technology be applied to cabinets, you ask? Imagine this…A pharmacist is sitting at home when she gets a text message that someone has accessed the controlled substance cabinet back at the pharmacy. She picks up her phone, pulls up an app, and watches a 20sec prerecorded video clip of an unauthorized employee gaining access to the cabinet. This technology is happening NOW. And perhaps the best part about this technology is…it is wireless and very affordable. Just plug in, synch with your controller, and play. Unlock the potential of zWave technology in your workplace or home.

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