10 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Keyless Locks


1. Not confirming what you are replacing. The majority of our clients are retrofitting an existing door. Take a few moments to find out what type of lock you currently have on your door. Keyless locks are available in the same model of lock you use now.

2. Forgetting to verify your door type. Exit doors, storefront doors, commercial office doors, and residential doors are all different. While you might find a deadbolt lock installed on both a home entry door, and commercial warehouse door, the backset sizes and lock grade will likely be different.

3. Not confirming your backset size. This goes for home/office applications, and narrow stile aluminum glass storefront doors. If you order the wrong backset size, you might end up spending more time and money to get the correct one for your lock to work.

4. Not checking your door material. Do you have a wood, metal, fiberglass, or glass door. This information will determine which keyless locks will be compatible. Nobody likes returns, get this right the first time and you can save headaches when your keyless lock arrives.

5. Taking on more than you need. There are keyless locks ranging from entry level single-code mechanical lock, to enterprise level software and wirelessly managed multi-factor systems with advanced integration capabilities. Unless your home is the Biltmore, or your business has grown to the size of Google, choose from stand-alone mechanical and electronic battery powered keyless locks.

6. Assuming keyless locks are too difficult to code and program, and thus why bother. GoKeyless offers code setting, and programming on both push button and electronic systems. Problem solved!

7. Thinking there is no way I can use my existing keys in my new keyless locks. We understand it’s taken you years to compile all those keys on your heavy key ring. We can pin your new emergency key cylinder in your keyless lock to accept your current key.  Now you won’t need to lug that big bunch of keys around any longer, and if you ever do need to use the key, it will be the same one you’ve always used.

8. Waiting until you lose your keys. Trust us, it will happen, sooner than you think. The average is 4-5 times a year.

9. Waiting until you, your kids, or your employees are locked out. Same thing, just a matter of time. Don’t you have enough to worry about?

10. Buying anywhere other than GoKeyless. We just celebrated 10 years in this business. We live it, sleep it, and breathe it. We are the right people to talk to, who will treat you the right way, and always get you the right lock.

Thanks to Trevor for demonstrating a solid face palm

Thanks to Trevor for demonstrating a solid face palm