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    One Hour of Technical Support

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    What You Get

    • Uninterrupted time with our professional support staff
    • A friendly person to talk to
    • A walk through setup of your locking system
    • Configure your device
    • Thorough explanation on how to quickly and efficiently navigate the software
    • One on one help with diagnosing any problems you’ve run into

    How It Works

    • The cost of support is $70 per hour or you can choose one of our Annual Tiered Support Packages* 
    • We require a call or email to set up an appointment for your Virtual Support
    • You may use your time in 15 minute sessions
    • Our support staff will remain on the phone with you for the entire session
    • We can remotely control your computer as needed for no additional cost
    • You can order an additional one hour block as you need it or bump up to our Tiered Support Package – our support staff will assist you with estimated time needed

    *Tiered support Renewed Annually, you can cancel at any time – No refund for time not used during your year

    After you have received your order confirmation email, please contact for assistance in scheduling your support time

    Let us train and support you, the right way. Virtual Support provides uninterrupted service time with our expert support staff to help get your property running smoothly. Gain the knowledge and confidence to use every feature your devices and systems have to offer.


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