Common Types of Door Locking Mechanisms

Are you looking to replace your old door knobs with new keyless locks?  Maybe you are looking to get into the latest technology boom for your home or business? Are you researching door locks and are confused as to where to start?  Let us help you.

When you’re unsure as to where to begin looking for your new replacement lock, the easiest thing to do is determine your existing locking mechanism type.  Not what brand of lock but what type of lock.  When it comes to door hardware there are not as many options as you may think, only variations of the basic options.  Sure some things are not your standard setup, but in general you don’t run across those very often.  So to begin, here are your basic types of locks, and a short description of each.  You should have one of these types.

Cylindrical latch – A latching mechanism operated by the handles.  These can be called spring latch, auto locking latch/deadbolt.  Standard backset sizes are 2 3/8 or 2 ¾.

A cylindrical latching backset

Latching mechanism for securing door to frame.

Cylindrical deadbolt – A locking mechanism separate from the latching mechanism in a door set.  A dead bolt can be locked by a key or turn piece.  Manufacturer may provide separate dead bolt trim used above a handle set or can incorporate the dead bolt and handle trim onto the same escutcheon.  Standard backset sizes are 2 3/8 or 2 ¾.

A cylindrical deadbolt

Manually locking deadbolt backset

ASM Mortise – This mechanism integrates the locking and latching mechanisms into a single cartridge style lock.  The mortise lock is available in a variety of functions such as entry, patio, privacy, passage and so on.  Standard face plate size is 8″ x 1 ¼”.

American Standard Mortise Lock

American Standard (ASM) Mortise

Adams Rite deadbolt – The Adams Rite products are a combination of the Mortise and the deadbolt.  These are designed to mortise into narrow stile doors.  They come in either a hook bolt or solid swing bolt.  Standard backset sizes are 7/8″, 31/32″, 1 1/8″, 1 ½”.

Narrow Stile Deadbolt Lock

Aluminum Frame Swing Deadbolt

Adams Rite deadlatch – The same idea as the cylindrical latch, only in an Adams Rite narrow stile design.  Standard backset sizes are 7/8″, 31/32″, 1 1/8″, 1 ½”.

Narrow Stile Deadlatch

Aluminum Frame Deadlatch

Example of an Adams Rite Deadlatch in action

When your current lock doesn’t fall into one of these types, you will have something probably a little more complicated.  When you want to change what you have to something totally different it is time to call the professionals.  So call us here at GoKeyless, and we will help you solve your unique situation and guide you through the numerous options for a keyless lock change over.