Is Your Home Automation System Missing This All-Important Piece?

Converting your home to a smart home carries dozens of advantages including increased convenience, decreased energy costs, and a far more efficient lifestyle. While it’s hard to argue with the benefits of having cool technical gadgets to do many of life’s mundane tasks for you, be mindful that the “Internet of Things” will only be useful if those things are part of an integrated overall system. In fact, without the all-important component of having a common gateway to govern all of your devices, you’re stuck with a somewhat cobbled-together system of home automation devices that can add more stress to your life instead of less.

BeHome247: The Power of Integration

It’s a basic yet profound question: Do your smart home devices know how to “talk” to one another? Are they tied into one common interface that can make it easy to check on everything at a glance? Or do you have a hodge-podge of smart home gadgetry that seemed like a good idea at the time, but now feels like a burden instead of a blessing?

The Problem With Too Many Stand-Alone Devices

The main problem with buying several smart home devices from several different manufacturers is just that–they’re all different. They have different specs, different nuances and operating instructions to master, and different apps that you have to install and learn how to navigate in order to use those devices properly. If you’re logging into one app to adjust your thermostat, using another app for your dimmer switches and then accessing yet another app to monitor your home security footage, you’re going to be one scatterbrained individual. Wouldn’t it be better if you had just one screen that could show you the status of all of your smart home devices, so that you could make whatever changes or adjustments you need to make from just one all-inclusive interface? Well, that’s exactly what BeHome247 is all about.

BeHome247: A Simplified “Command Center”

You can think of BeHome247 as the “mission control center” for all of your home automation devices. When you enroll your smart home gadgets into the BeHome247 system, you can control them from one single interface by way of an online portal that you can access through your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Each device will have its own icon, and all you have to do is tap (or click) the icon for the device you want to adjust, and then make changes as necessary. BeHome247 will then execute those changes in an instant, leaving you wondering why you ever did any of those things manually.

Setting Up Routines in BeHome247

BeHome247 has the ability to automate a whole lot of tasks that you used to do manually by way of setting up routines (a.k.a. scenes), which are basically pre-programmed actions that the system will perform for you. For example, you can set up a scene called “bedtime” which will automatically shut off all of your lights after a certain hour, and then lock all of your doors that are equipped with electronic keyless locks. That beats making your rounds at nighttime, which can really be a drag when you’re extra-tired and more likely to forget something. Routines make life easier all the way around, and they’re super-easy to set up using the BeHome247 interface.

If your home automation system is fragmented and frazzled because of a lack of integration, it only makes sense to get all of your devices on the same page. Choose BeHome247 to bring everything together as it should be, so that you can have a smart home that truly lives up to its name.