Three great devices from Vera, all capable of great things but, how do you choose?


Vera is a complete home automation system that can interconnect hundreds of devices and also give you remote control of those devices. We haveplenty of resourcesto help bring you up to speed on the world of home automation.

Vera provides three great options for ‘controllers’ or ‘hubs’. This guide will help you make the right choice for your needs.

VeraEdge Overview

The VeraEdge may be Vera’s entry level contoller but it is no sluggish device. The VeraEdge enables you to control all of theZ-Wave devices(Z-Wave Plus as well) in your home. You can fully automate your devices with triggers, alerts and more. The VeraEdge can also be controlled with Amazon Alexa!

VeraPlus Overview

The VeraPlus takes connectivity to the next level by connecting to all of the popular wireless protocols including Z-Wave, Z-Wave Plus, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Wifi. That enables compatibility with over 1,400 devices. This makes it an all-in-one home automation controller that has never been created before.

VeraSecure Overview

The VeraSecure was created in response to the high demand for integration between home automation and old-fashioned alarm systems. You now can have all of those convenience and security features in one simple interface, all controlled remotely from your phone. The VeraSecure includes two-way communications, a high volume alarm, and battery/cellular backups in order to truly secure your home during a time of crisis.


All three of these controllers will empower you and your home with automation and remote control. Each one will work with ourkeyless locks that have Z-Wave technology. Some models have a few advantages over the other so read through our guide to make the right decision for yourself.

And as always,contact usanytime if you need help deciding. We are experts in all things home automation, keyless locks, and security.