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  • The 4 Places in Your Business That Need a Keyless Lock

    The 4 Places in Your Business That Need a Keyless Lock

    Keyless locks are the perfect solution for business owners who are looking for a better way to manage their security needs. Dealing with issuing and collecting keys, tracking down lost keys, changing locks, and replacing worn-out magnetic stripe cards can be a real hassle, not to mention how much strain it can put on your budget. With keyless locks, you can eliminate all of these nagging security issues for good. More than likely you’re already well aware of the benefits of using keyless locks, but where exactly should you install them? Below are four places in your business that absolutely need a keyless lock in order to keep your security airtight.

    1. Exterior Doors

    This is the most obvious area where access control is needed; after all, you don’t want just anyone having the ability to waltz into the building without a hitch. Having a keyless lock means that only you and your team members will have the access code required to open the door. The Kaba E-Plex E2031LL626 is perfect for this purpose; it has a 100-user capacity, which means that the potential access code combinations are virtually limitless. In addition, you can program the lock to allow access for only a certain amount of time, and then re-lock after that time frame has passed. If you’re worried about durability and weather-resistance, don’t sweat it; this lock can withstand temperatures from -31 degrees up to 151 degrees Fahrenheit!

    2. Server Room

    Most businesses keep their server room under lock and key, but if all you have is a literal lock and key, your security setup is going to need some work. Your company’s computer network is far too important to be vulnerable to slick and subtle intruders who can come in and steal or damage your network equipment. Keyless locks can ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed to have entrance into the server room, because they will be the only ones to whom you have assigned an access code. This is a far cry from just giving someone a copy of a key that can either be lost or stolen.

    3. High-Security Rooms (Various Purposes)

    Perhaps you’re working on a highly confidential product prototype that needs the most stringent level of protection. Maybe you have sensitive data stored on external hard drives, DVDs, or flash drives, and you need them to be kept in a high-security area. Even if you’re keeping it old-school by using paper files and folders, you still need some type of security in place to protect the room where these items are being stored. The Kaba E-Plex E2031LL626 also features an audit trail function, which gives you a detailed report (including time and date stamps) of who has accessed the room and when, making it easy for you to monitor traffic flows in and out of this important area.

    4. Any Room Where Money Flows In and Out

    This can be your accounting department, the room where the business safe is kept, a mail room (where payments are received via mail), etc.; basically anywhere where money comes in or goes out of the room, there needs to be a keyless lock on that door. The audit trail of the Kaba E-Plex E2031LL626 is perfect for this purpose as well.

    As criminals continue to get more sophisticated with their tactics, it only makes sense to upgrade your security to a level that can keep you ahead of the game. Keep the above areas in mind when determining where to install your keyless locks, so that you will be able to protect your business from an ever-growing number of security risks.

    Kaba E-Plex E2031LL626 Keyless Access Lock