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    College students moving into a dorm protected by keyless locks.

    Many schools and universities still depend upon traditional access control systems that utilize keys and locks, but as most people would agree, the security threats that face students and faculty in today’s world require a much more robust approach.

    After all, it’s easy for keys to be misplaced or end up in the wrong hands, and if even one important key goes missing, it can create a gaping security hole that could potentially put lives in danger. Not only that but when you think about how securing the average campus can require managing hundreds or even thousands of keys and locks, it only makes sense to come up with a more streamlined way to manage access control.

    Enter keyless locks. Many colleges and universities are switching to these handy access control devices as a way to beef up security, reduce liabilities and control costs. Take, for example, the issue of managing dorm room security: In a traditional “keys and locks” system, not only is there a dorm room key issued to each student (of which some will inevitably be lost), but there are also master keys for every single lock on campus.

    It is not uncommon for some of these master keys to turn up missing as well, creating a major security risk for students. If a burglary or any other type of violent crime were to occur as a result of this security breach, it would not only be traumatizing for the victim, but it would also create a liability and public relations nightmare for the university. Using keyless locks basically, eliminates this type of security risk, as only students who are privy to the access code, will be able to unlock the door to their dorm room.

    In terms of controlling costs, hands down keyless locks are a better way to go. As any facilities manager of the average school or university will tell you, students seem to have a knack for losing keys, which makes managing and replacing them a full-time job in and of itself. As work orders for lost, stolen or even broken keys continue to pile up, it’s easy to see the costs to replace these keys piling up as well. By upgrading to keyless locks, colleges can realize significant cost savings, and they can save facilities managers quite a few headaches to boot.

    Keyless locks such as the Schlage CO-100 are perfect for securing dorm rooms, classrooms, equipment rooms, and basically any other area where using an antiquated key and lock system would be a major inconvenience. The person responsible for administrating the access codes can issue or change them right at the keypad, making seemingly endless replacement and re-keying requests a thing of the past. Not only that, but the Schlage CO-100 is a far more robust lock in terms of security and physical toughness; it’s not subject to attack like traditional locks are, and its rugged and durable construction can save you quite a bit of money over the long haul in terms of maintenance costs.

    Student safety is always a top priority for colleges and universities, and along those lines, access control is always a top priority issue. If your institution wants to provide safer access to campus and dorm facilities without compromising convenience, and lock-down classroom doors remotely, make the switch to keyless locks today!

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