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    Backlit Schlage Keypad Locks Let You In Fast

    With sunset in most parts of the country before 6 o’clock pm, it is generally darker if not pitch black when we get home from work. This isn’t such a bad thing when you need the cover of the night to hide a special gift you’re bringing home for your kid’s birthday or your wife’s anniversary, or even if you don’t want the neighbor to see what you had on that day! But the inherent dangers far out way any benefits.

    Abductors, and home burglars come out of their hiding places in droves at this time watching and waiting for the working mom to fumble through her purse to find the door key. It is the precious seconds between arriving at your front door, or door to the garage, and then unlocking that door quickly that are critical to averting tragedy. You may have the key hidden under a mat, up on a window sill, inside a faux rock, or on a key ring, but this isn’t good enough. The nefarious characters in society know this, and it is what they count on to be able to do you and your family harm.

    This isn’t the sunshine and lollipops 1950’s any more. You absolutely do not have the time to dig through a purse, look for the hidden key, or flip through a ring of keys. Not to worry though. An easy solution to this situation now exists because of new cutting edge keyless locks by Schlage.

    That’s right, keyless.

    Similar to how you get your money out of the bank ATM, it’s now how you can now get inside your home. The new keyless locks even feature a lighted keypad for the fastest entry possible. And while this technology may be sophisticated, it is not difficult to use or install. Using a screwdriver you simply remove your existing deadbolt or door knob, and replace it with the new keyless lock.

    Keyless Lock by Schlage for Deadbolt Security and a Key Free Entry Every Time

    Eliminate Keys and Enter Safely with High Security Keyless Locks

    Just listen to what one satisfied customer, John K. from Chicago, had to say:

    “This is the second Schlage FE595 keyless lock that I have purchased. They have been very easy to install, have worked flawlessly and I have absolutely nothing but positive feedback on this product.

    I have owned one for over one year and the second was a recent purchase so I have installed both and one has been in service for over a year. If for some reason you can’t recall the code or if the battery went dead for some reason (it takes a 9 volt battery that lasted about one year before I changed it) there is a key which bypasses the keypad which is a great backup system.”

    Schlage keyless locks are fully battery powered, meaning you will never have to mess with wires. With normal use Schlage says to expect 2-3 years worth of operation.

    If you want to obtain greater security for your family and yourself, and stop being a target of dangerous yardbirds, one of the most practical and affordable things you can do is update your door locks.

    SCHLAGE FE595 Keypad Flex Lock