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  • Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

    Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

    With bags of candy, spooky costumes, and an age-old tradition of trick or treating, Halloween brings fun and excitement for every age group. While most of the fun on Halloween is genuinely innocent, being unprepared for the night’s spooky festivities can easily go from an evening filled with excitement to a frightening night of horrors. By following some basic Halloween safety tips, you can protect your home, guests, and family from potential accidents and ghastly tricksters, while still indulging in all the spooky, nostalgic fun.

    6 Halloween Homeowner Safety Tips

    1) Clean Up Areas for Trick or Treaters

    Your visitors will likely have tunnel vision on the candy bowl when it comes to trick or treating—not to mention they’ll probably be experiencing restricted vision from their costumes or masks. By removing excess clutter and décor leading to the front door and by sweeping your walkways and driveways of unnecessary debris, you minimize potential risks that could cause accidents—protecting both you and your guests.

    2) Keep Your Home Well Lit

    While darkness may set a haunting scenery, brighten your area with lights, so guests can clearly identify the path ahead and avoid any obstacles. Porch lights, spotlights, and pathway lights are all great tools that help brighten the way for neighbors. You may also decide to opt for LED lights for your jack-o-lanterns and festive luminaries to help minimize fire hazards. Having a well-illuminated home also deters potential hauntings from burglaries and vandalisms, as well.

    3) Keep Pets Away

    While your pets may be well behaved and trained, it’s hard to know if they’ll get spooked by your unknown, disguised visitors. To protect your guests, your pets, and yourself, it may be best to find a cozy room for your animals to relax and rest for the night.

    4) Protect Your Trick or Treaters

    No matter how old your trick or treaters are, prepare their costumes to be as visible as possible. Halloween safety lights are festive glowsticks and reflectors that can easily be added as necklaces, bracelets, or accessories to any costume, making it easier for drivers to identify your trick or treaters at night.

    5) Keep a Watchful Eye

    If you’ll be home during all the Halloween festivities, it’s important to keep a watchful eye on the neighborhood and your home. Since you’re expecting more visitors than usual, stay closer to the front door if you’re staying home, and use caution and discretion when opening your door for trick or treaters. If you’re unsure of a potential visitor, don’t open your door.

    • By installing a doorbell camera, like the August Doorbell Cam Pro, you’ll always know what’s going on at your door without needing to open it; with motion-activated alerts on your phone, you’ll be able to see, hear, and speak to your visitors, even when you’re not home.
    • If you plan on being away this Halloween season, installing surveillance cameras can also help deter potential criminal activity, letting you easily monitor the safety of your home and belongings.
    • Motion-activated surveillance cameras like the VistaCam 1101 capture high-definition video and sound at all hours of the day, allowing you to always keep a watchful eye for unwanted visitors.

    6) Activate Your Security System

    Before you head to bed or leave for the evening, be sure to arm your home security system. Self-monitoring security systems like the Nest Secure Alarm System offer affordable home security that help make it easy to monitor your property using your smartphone, so you can protect your home and loved ones from intruders.

    Keep Your Family and Home Safe This Halloween with GoKeyless

    During this Halloween season, focus on the ghostly trick-or-treating fun and minimize safety threats by preparing your home using the above Halloween safety tips. To help boost security, GoKeyless offers affordable at-home security solutions, smart lock technology, and reliable surveillance systems that will help protect your home and loved ones on Halloween and every other day of the year!