The Benefits of Surveillance Cameras Systems

Surveillance cameras can do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to home and commercial protection. Why should you invest in a surveillance camera system? Well, here’s just a few benefits to consider:

  • Theft and Vandalism Reductions - Statistically speaking, people are less likely to steal or commit vandalism when there’s a camera in plain sight.
  • Store More Footage - Digital surveillance camera systems can store more footage than their analog counterparts. You never know when that footage will come in handy!
  • Monitor Happenings Remotely - Track what’s going on from anywhere in the world with a mobile device, tablet, or computer.
  • Improve Workplace Productivity - People on the job are more likely to keep working when there’s a camera monitoring their daily activities.

Brands of Video Surveillance Cameras

GoControl - A trusted name in the business, GoControl offers simple, practical devices for any space that you’re looking to protect. We love their doorbell camera option because it allows you to stream action in real-time. And as a surveillance camera with audio you can hear and talk to anybody who is close by!

Vera & VistaCam - These connected surveillance camera systems are ready to stand guard and keep your space safe. Not only are they compatible with Vera Smart Controllers, but weatherproof options watch over your home or business regardless of the weather.

Surveillance Cameras for Home or Business

Whether you’re looking to add video surveillance cameras to your home or to your business, we have the perfect fit for your needs and style. Rest easy knowing you have eyes (and ears) on the place, no matter where you are! Check on the status of your home or business on your mobile device, and enjoy two-way talking with surveillance cameras with audio. These days, the ultimate protection is possible.

Enjoy that second pair of eyes with surveillance camera systems from GoKeyless!