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  • Kaba Simplex Locks Play Key Role in Military Security

    Installed on bases, air craft carriers, and military facilities throughout the world, Kaba Simplex locks are the prominent door control hardware used for protecting spaces, securing rooms, and keeping personnel safe.

    The Simplex 1000 Push Button Door Lock

    Cipher Door Lock by Kaba Simplex

    Made in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in a 160,000 square foot manufacturing plant, Kaba Simplex locks are assembled with absolute precision and control, ensuring the reliability of these locks.

    If you ever have the chance to visit the Kaba plant, you will be amazed at the level of sophistication of the machinery involved, and the dedication of their people in producing the military’s flagship access control lock. Why is the military so gung ho on the Kaba Simplex locks. Well for one, these locks can take a beating.

    Weather, or constant use, both of which you’ll find in virtually any military deployment, do not interrupt the operation of the locks. And, with wireless, key-free convenience, Kaba Simplex locks can be setup, programmed, and accessed quickly, important advantages for saving time.

    Simplex 1011 Pushbutton Cipher Lock