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  • Monitor Who’s Entering and Exiting Your Business with an Audit Trail

    Security breaches are an unfortunate reality in the world of business. Companies often encounter problems with current or former employees gaining unauthorized access to various areas within their corporate location, which can be unsettling for management, and could potentially put the company at risk for all sorts of liabilities. If you’re relying on traditional lock and key devices to keep your business secure, you’re automatically at a disadvantage; not only can your keys get lost, but they can be duplicated without your knowledge. This opens up the on-premises security at your business for potentially dangerous situations.

    Gaining better control over the entry and exit points of your business is not only important in terms of handling break-ins or disgruntled employees, but it’s also necessary to help you control the general flow of traffic in and out of key locations. For example, you may only want your IT employees to have access to your server room, or you may only want certain authorized personnel to be able to utilize a particular storage closet. Maybe your main concern is being able to limit employees’ access to various areas during certain hours of the day or night.

    Relying upon traditional lock and key systems for these purposes can be cumbersome, as you have to constantly keep track of assigning, distributing and many times replacing keys for various personnel. This system is highly inefficient, and is often more costly than most companies realize. Not only it is difficult to prevent unauthorized use, but the ability to limit access to certain areas based on employee identity or specific time frames is virtually nonexistent.

    You can eliminate the entire “key problem” altogether and keep better track of who’s entering and exiting your business by investing in an access control lock such as the Trilogy T2 DL2800. This robust programmable keyless lock gives you the ability to grant timed access to employees as you see fit, putting you in control of who gets to enter and exit the various locations on the premises of your business, as well as the time frames in which they can have access.

    You can assign unique PIN codes to each employee, enabling you to assign permissions based on their role and their required level of access. One of the most important features offered by the DL2800 is the audit trail function, which logs every time an employee accesses (or attempts to access) a secure location. The audit trail feature of the DL2800 logs each access attempt with a date and time stamp, which will help you monitor traffic flow trends in order to detect any unusual activity.

    So why is an audit trail so important to the security of your business? For starters, it helps to ensure that only the personnel you have assigned to certain areas are regularly accessing those areas. This will help you fine-tune the efficiency of your scheduling, as well as help you identify any problems where an authorized employee may not have been able to enter a given location.

    Every audit trail event recorded by the DL2800 includes the associated employee’s identification number, giving you a better picture of who is attempting to gain access to particular secured areas. This can definitely come in handy in case any security breaches occur; with a quick glance at the audit trail logs, you can immediately pinpoint any unusual event that may have triggered the breach, as well as the associated employee who may have been responsible.

    The DL2800 offers several other advanced programmable features that you can access using your desktop or laptop computer. With a few keystrokes, you can set up scheduling time frames, create user codes for employees, establish emergency and service codes and view audit trail records with ease.

    For nearly two decades now, the Trilogy T2 DL2800 has been a favorite of leading schools, airports, hospitals and other establishments where security is a vitally important issue. This reliable lock has the ability to lighten the load in terms of keeping entry and exit points secure, while at the same time allowing authorized personnel to gain hassle-free access to assigned locations in your building. As the importance of commercial security solutions continues to grow, devices such as the DL2800 will not only help you keep tabs on who’s entering and exiting your business, but they also will help your company operate at a greater level of organizational efficiency.

    Trilogy T2 DL2800 Electronic Lock – Timed Access, Audit Trail