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    Behavorial Health Facility Consulting – (bhfcllc.com)

    Searching for the right key, handling it with gloved hands that may be contaminated and making sure the cabinet locks after it is closed are common issues related to cabinet locks in patient areas of behavioral health facilities.

    There are several companies that have stepped up to help with these dilemmas. CompX Security Products is one that offers a range of solutions to these common problems, at a range of different prices.

    They start with the basic StealthLock that utilizes a pushbutton pad that communicates with the locks with wireless radio frequency technology. The upper range has units that operate using proximity cards or magstripe cards that many facilities may currently be using for door access systems, time clocks, etc. Data capture of who opened the cabinet and when is also available and the information can be stored locally or via Ethernet connections. Systems can unlock more than one door/drawer at a time and automatically relock them without staff needing to remember this important step.

    Some of these systems can also control access to refrigerators, wardrobes, standard room doors and even walk-in freezers.

    We offer a variety of products for all situations. These are some of our favorite:

    StealthLock SL-150 Invisible Cabinet Locking System Pre-programmed Kit

    CompX RegulatoR REG-S Electronic Push Button Cabinet & Drawer Lock