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    When it comes to providing top-notch security for your home, traditional locks and keys are far from ideal. Investing in a home automation system can give you an extra advantage in terms of being able to adequately monitor and protect your home on a more comprehensive basis.

    The BeHome247 home automation system is one of the premier home security systems on the market. Utilizing integrated “smart home” technology, BeHome247 enables you to customize and program several essential home security features including keyless locks, surveillance cameras, motion-sensitive lights and door and window sensors. Using the online BeHome247 interface, you can access and control all of your smart home devices from your laptop, tablet or smartphone, and program them according to your specific preferences. With nothing more than a few keystrokes or screen taps, you can lock and unlock your doors, as well as create and assign keyless entry codes to your family, friends and guests. This convenience and ease of use stands in stark contrast to the highly inefficient method of keeping up with physical keys, which can easily be lost, stolen or duplicated without your consent.

    The BeHome247 Security Basic package includes a state-of-the-art Yale B1L Z-Wave keyless deadbolt lock, which can be controlled remotely by your smartphone or other mobile device. This streamlined next-generation lock is cylinderless, making it much more secure than traditional locks, and it can accommodate up to 100 different security codes. If it’s dark outside or visibility is poor, the Yale B1L has an illuminated keypad, making it easy for you to enter your code. If you’re concerned about battery life, the lock not only features a low battery indicator light, but it comes equipped with a 9-Volt backup battery for additional longevity should the main batteries drain. The lock also offers an additional level of security for your children for those times when they have to come home by themselves (e.g., after school, etc.). They can enter their personal security code within seconds (no key required), and they have immediate entry into the house. The Yale B1L is also equipped with an auto-lock feature so that once your child enters the home, the door is automatically locked behind them, keeping them safe inside.

    Video surveillance is one of the most effective weapons in your security arsenal, and BeHome247 furnishes you with more than enough video monitoring tools to effectively protect your property. The BeHome247 Remote Security Monitoring package offers several robust video capabilities that will turn your computer or smartphone into an instant “surveillance command center.” Two security cameras provide you with real-time streaming video footage of your property, and you can also view recorded footage from earlier dates and times. The BeHome247 Remote Security Monitoring package comes with 1GB of video storage capability, which will provide you with roughly 60 hours of high-definition (or 120 hours of standard definition) video recordings.

    Motion detection devices are another important security tool that can help keep your property safe, illuminating walkways, hallways or driveways when any movement is detected. The BeHome247 Security Plus package will not only enable you to program motion sensors for various areas of your property, but any breach of a window or door will also automatically trigger a high-volume siren alarm along with a strobe light to deter any would-be intruders.

    Many subscription-based home security services are notorious for triggering false alarms; in fact, statistics show that between 95-98% of all alarm calls end up being determined as false. This can be a huge inconvenience, not only for the homeowner, but for the law enforcement officers that are dispatched to respond to the alarm as well. With BeHome247, you have superior control over the various security features of your home automation system, which means that you have the power to determine when the police need to be notified in case of an emergency. This helps the city to direct their law enforcement resources in the areas where they are most needed. Not only that, but with BeHome247, you won’t have to shell out money every month to pay for costly monitoring charges either.

    BeHome247 not only offers you unmatched security for your property, but its extensive list of home automation features gives you the ability to control several key smart home devices such as your thermostat, appliances, home entertainment system, water sensors and more. With BeHome247, the integration of smart technology into your daily lifestyle becomes simple and intuitive, and it can save you loads of time and money and increase your overall peace of mind.

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