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  • The Smart Way to Winterize Your Home

    Frozen pipe

    With the cold weather months now in full swing, much attention is being given to the different ways you can winterize your home to keep that blustery, chilly air out while locking the warm air in.

    When most people hear the word “winterize,” they immediately think of taking traditional measures such as installing weatherstripping around doors and windows, changing the filter in their HVAC system, or even going old school by stuffing rolled-up blankets under drafty exterior doors.

    While these actions are all good and will contribute at least a little bit to your home’s overall energy efficiency, there’s another way to winterize your home that can really put a dent in your monthly utility costs: Installing the smart home technology of the BeHome247 Energy Management system.

    Make Your Home “Smart” for the Winter

    When it comes to energy-efficient winterization, it’s hard to beat the flexibility and convenience that the BeHome247 system offers. Keeping your heater running all winter long–even when you’re not at home–is a surefire recipe for unpleasant surprises on your utility bill. With BeHome247, you can control your home’s thermostat and light settings by way of your smartphone, tablet or laptop, enabling you to customize their usage to fit your family’s lifestyle routines.

    For example, if the entire family is either at work or at school during the daytime, you could create a scenario called “daytime” that would adjust the thermostat, turn off all the lights and lock the front door. This will transition your home into energy conservation mode while keeping it safe and secure. Then, about 30 minutes or so before the kids come home from school (or you come home from work), you can program BeHome247 to turn on the thermostat to warm up the house, so that everything will be nice and cozy upon their arrival.

    Protect Your Home from Winter-Related Water Damage

    Few things are more frustrating than dealing with water damage in a home. Since winter is the time of year when pipes can potentially bust or leak due to freezing temperatures, wouldn’t it be great to have a wireless water sensor that could inform you of a water damage problem as soon as it happens, instead of finding out way after the fact?

    With the BeHome247-compatible FortrezZ Z-Wave water sensor and freeze alarm, any issues with water leaks or busted pipes will be detected right away, and a text or email alert will be sent to your phone to inform you of the problem in short order. If you’re in the house when the problem occurs, a local buzzer on the sensor will alert you in a flash so that you can address the issue without missing a beat.

    Since early detection can potentially save you a ton of money in repairs, it only makes sense to winterize and protect your home by installing FortrezZ Z-Wave water sensors at every water-related “hot spot” in your house, such as near the water heater, behind the toilet tank, under the bathroom and kitchen sinks, by the dishwasher, etc.

    As you can see, winterizing your home can be much more than just shoring up drafty doors with blankets or caulking around your windows. The BeHome247 home automation system will enable you to take home winterization to a completely new level, and save you a significant amount of money in the process.

    BeHome247 Energy Management Package

    Z-Wave Water & Freeze Sensor