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  • The Top 3 Ways Keyless Locks Can Save Your Business Money

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    One of the smartest moves you can make as a business owner is to replace your traditional locks and keys with a keyless lock system. Not only will keyless locks alleviate the headaches associated with assigning and distributing physical keys, but they can also save you a substantial amount of money as well. Below are three important ways in which keyless locks can benefit your bottom line.

    1. Keyless locks offer greater protection of sensitive data and intellectual property.

    Security breaches are becoming increasingly more prevalent in the business world, and much of it is being done by the employees of the business. According to loss prevention consulting firm Jack L. Hayes International, roughly one out of every 40 employees was apprehended by their employer for theft in 2012. Loss of key assets such as sensitive data and intellectual property due to employee theft costs companies billions of dollars a year in lost revenue.

    Keyless locks provide a much higher degree of access control over sensitive areas of the workplace where valuable assets are being stored (laptops, portable digital storage devices, server rooms, etc.). With a keyless lock, you can assign access codes only to certain employees authorized to enter sensitive areas. This eliminates a large portion of the risks associated with handing out physical keys, which can easily be misplaced or copied without your consent. This alone can save your company untold thousands of dollars in costs associated with data loss and employee theft.

    2. Keyless locks greatly reduce your maintenance and replacement costs.

    Traditional locks and keys are subject to significant wear and tear as a result of frequent use. Each time a traditional lock is used, the various mechanisms within the lock are worn down just a little bit more. The cumulative effect of this frequent use can eventually produce damage or loss of functionality altogether, which means that your locks and keys will need to be replaced. Keyless locks sustain very little physical wear and tear due to how they’re constructed, which means they’ll last a lot longer than traditional locks. Businesses can realize substantial cost savings by deploying keyless lock systems, which will save a lot of money in maintenance and repair costs over the long haul.

    3. Keyless locks offer you increased operational efficiency.

    If there’s one thing that can damage a company’s bottom line, it is operational inefficiency. If you’ve ever had to deal with time-wasting scenarios such as lost office keys or tracking down managers to unlock various office doors, you know how costly it can be in terms of lost productivity. Keyless locks simplify the process of employee access; all you need to do is assign them a code, and they can enter their designated work areas with no hassle.

    You can also streamline your access control efforts with keyless locks. Programmable locks such as the Trilogy DL2800 feature a timed access functionality that enables you to establish time frames for certain doors to be locked and unlocked automatically. This allows you to keep stricter controls over when certain areas can be accessed, so that your security personnel can focus on other important areas of the premises. The Trilogy T2 DL2800 also features a security audit trail, which allows you to review a date- and time-stamped log of all entry attempts, and the codes that were used for each attempt. This can help you identify any unusual activity, as well as pinpoint any problems that certain employees may be routinely having with gaining access to certain areas. All of these various features can save you tons of time and greatly improve the efficiency of your daily operations, which translates into more dollars added to your bottom line.

    Although keyless locks offer cutting-edge technology and high-grade security, they’re surprisingly accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. The convenience, flexibility and wide variety of security options that keyless locks offer make them the clear choice for business owners looking for ways to cut unnecessary costs and increase operational efficiency. Choosing to equip your business with keyless locks is an investment that will save you both time and money, and will significantly increase the integrity of your security.

    Trilogy T2 DL2800 Electronic Lock – Timed Access, Audit Trail