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    Falling back is fine for getting an extra hour of sleep, but it causes darkness to descend on us before most of us sit down for dinner. In parts of the Eastern U.S. sundown comes as early as the late afternoon hours.

    While mostly an afterthought a couple days beyond this semi-annual ritual, many families are taking advantage of this time of year to evaluate their home security. Everybody knows when you change your clocks, you should change your smoke alarm batteries. But what only a few know, it’s also a good time to upgrade your lock on your door to the garage. Each time you go through this door to do your outside chores in near total darkness, it presents a security hazard.

    Just because there’s no more light in the evening hours, doesn’t mean the outdoor chores stop. Trash has to be taken out, driveways, walkways, and sidewalks need swept clean, and bags of leaves must be carried from around back to the curb. The instant you walk out your garage door, your family is put at risk when that door isn’t locked. The truth of the matter is a majority of the time it doesn’t get locked because of the hassle of remembering the door key. You’re in a hurry, you want to wind down and relax, and get these chores over with. You figure ‘yeah this probably isn’t the safest thing, to leave my wife and kids inside while this door is left unlocked, but I’ll only be around back for a couple minutes’. Trust us, it only takes a few seconds for someone hiding in the bushes, or on the side of your house, to make their way into your garage, and through your garage door to harm your family. Before you hear the screams from the backyard, it may be too late. When you go to change your smoke alarm batteries this year, be sure to change your garage door lock to an electronic door lock.

    A new electronic door lock will provide you keyless security and protection at the times when you need it most. The BE365 electronic deadbolt lock by Schlage lock company, E-910 E-Digital electronic lock by Lockey Systems, and the SmartCode electronic door lockby Kwikset, are selections we highly recommend for adding safety and convenience to these doors.

    SCHLAGE BE365 Electronic Keypad Deadbolt – Bright Brass

    E-Digital E-910R Electronic Deadbolt, Remote Fob Capable