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  • Custom Setup and Programming for Alarm Lock Trilogy Locks

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    Please note: Wireless hub pictured is not included. It is available for purchase separately.


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    Let us program the locks for you

    Programming these locks can be very time consuming. We have a team that is dedicated to accomplishing your needs quickly. And they will train you how to use them too!

    Service Available For

    DK300, DL1300, DL2800, DL3000, DL3200, DL3500, DL4100, DL4500, DL5300, DL6100, DL6500, ETDL, ETDLN, ETPDL, ETPDLN, ETPLN, Networx Panel, PDK3000, PDL1300, PDL3000, PDL3500, PDL4100, PDL4500, PDL5300, PDL6100, PDL6500, PDL7100, PDL7500, PL3000, PL3500/ETPL, PL6100, PL6500, PL7100, PL7500

    What You Get

    • Complete custom configuration of your locks
    • Programming database file on your computer
    • Uninterrupted time with our professional support staff
    • A friendly person to talk to
    • Training on how to setup and program your Trilogy locks
    • Thorough explanation on how to quickly and efficiently navigate the software
    • One on one help with diagnosing any problems you've run into

    How It Works

    • We ship your locks immediately
    • We will send you a programming log to fill out
      • This is where you tell us how you would like your locks configured
    • We will configure the locks to your specifications in a database file
    • We will send you the database file
    • We assist you with importing the file onto your computer and locks
    • We train you how to use the software and locks


    • Setup My Access Schedules: Access schedules can be created to automatically lock or unlock your locks by a designated time or trigger
    • Users: Number of people that will be using the lock
    • Quantity: Number of locks you would like us to program

    Once you have checked out, paid, and received confirmation of your order, we will send you a programming log.

    Let our factory trained experts program your locks for you. GoKeyless has spent years developing expertise in these locks, from a combination of hands on experience and manufacturer training. GoKeyless is the only company in the industry offering this expertise to its customers.


    Door requirements


    Users 1-50, 51-100, 101-200, 201-350, 351-500, 501-750, 751-1000, 1001-1250, 1251-1500, 1501-1750, 1751-2000


    *Basic email support only. Additional support time available for a fee.

    You are not comparing apples to apples when shopping for Trilogy locks online.

    GoKeyless is a full service company and backs up its sales support with product and technical support.

    What good is the lock to you when you have to spend countless hours trying to find the answer to something when you could have just contacted the experts.

    In addition to answering technical questions for you — troubleshooting only, does not include training, or programming — our agents are also available for paid training on importing your users, communicating with the lock, establishing your mission critical access schedules, navigating the software, and utilizing all of the features and functions of your new access control system.

    Our virtual support fees start at $70/hour or can be purchased as an annual tiered service.

    Technical Support Hours: M-F 9am-5pm EST