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    Assa Abloy Accentra

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    This product is for system commissioning only. Subscription licensees must be purchased for each managed device.

    Assa Abloy Accentra Multi-Family Cloud-Based Software offers convenience without compromising security. Manage access credentials for residents, guests, and staff with this user-friendly, intuitive solution. No costly wiring or IT support needed.

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    • Ensure residents feel safe and secure
    • Provide convenient access to all areas with a single credential
    • Enhance facility management while minimizing maintenance costs
    • Manage access rights remotely
    • Attract new residents with enhance security and convenience

    Cloud-Based Software

    • Dedicated cloud-based software* accessible from any Internet-connected device (Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet)
    • Eliminates cost and maintenance of on-site servers
    • Enables easy local or remote management of access rights for residents, guests and employees
    • Intuitive interface optimizes for your Windows, Android or Apple devices and requires minimal training
    • Built around the typical workflows of a multi-family property management office
    • Ensures that a facility’s database is always accessible and secure
    • Enables management of multiple properties and employees with access to multiple sites
    • Allows property manager to distribute one-time PINs (OTPs) for unit lockout or lost credentials (emergency access)

    Credential Updater

    • Activates new credentials for residents, guests, and staff
    • Transmits current access rights to credentials at time of presentation
    • Ensures credentials are continuously updated through typical daily use
    • Reads audit information including access history, lock battery status, and other lock events from the credential and transmits to Assa Abloy Accentra cloud service

    NOTE: This product is for system commissioning only. Subscription licensees must be purchased for each managed device.

    A robust end-to-end access solution. Assa Abloy Accentra Cloud-Based Multi-Family Housing Software provides a web-based access management solution for on-site or remote management of access rights for users from any device connected to the internet. Designed to integrate with Assa Abloy Accentra and nexTouch brand locks. This Accentra software allows admins to oversee multiple properties, employees, and site access from one centralized platform. Since the software doesn’t require on-site servers you can minimize maintenance costs while enhancing facility management and ensuring your facility’s database is always protected and accessible. Conveniently access your offices, rooms and amenities with a single credential. Locked out of your apartment because you left your credential behind? Have the manager send you a one-time PIN code to access your lock. The easy to use admin portal is optimized for all of your Android, Apple or Windows devices and is geared toward the workflow of a typical multi-family property management office. Attract new residents with cutting-edge technology and security while giving current residents peace of mind and guaranteed safety.

    NOTE: This product is for system commissioning only. Subscription licensees must be purchased for each managed device.


    Manufacturer Yale
    Operating System Microsoft Windows 10
    Smartphone Compatibility Android 5.0 or later, iOS 9 or later
    Brand Assa Abloy Accentra

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