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  • AMSEC WEST2114

    Heavy-Duty Wall Safe with Electronic Lock

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    • Heavy duty steel body, 3/16” solid steel door and flange
    • Extra spacious interior, while still offering the convenience of fitting between studs
    • Equipped with DL5000 electronic touchscreen lock
    • Two removable shelves
    • Cream colored, durable powder coated finish

    DL5000 Electronic Touchscreen Lock

    • Large 3-3/4″ touch screen LCD input display allows smooth and easy operation
    • Mode altering display changes from orange in standby mode to bright blue in the open position
    • Accepts (2) user codes and can show open door records for the past 14 entries
    • LCD touch screen display shows low-battery indicator, time, date and keypad
    • Emergency key-lock override system with two (2) keys, power override battery box, built-in spy-proof function and motion detector alert
    Lock up what's important with the AMSEC WEST2114 wall safe.  Much easier and safer than your run of the mill handle safe.  There's no bending over, turning keys, or worrying about someone taking off with it.  Your pistol, birthstones, deed to your home, passport, and anything of value to you can be kept securely and out of harms way by placing them behind the safe door and closing it shut.  When you need to get them out, simply enter your personal authorization code on the safe's state-of-the-art LCD touch screen and open the door.  Wall safe installs between your 16" (oc) studs.  All components and instructions are provided.  Your identity, personal financial worth, and safety can all be at risk if you don't take measures to protect them.  The extra peace of mind this superior wall safe will afford you is worth it.


    Manufacturer Amsec

    Door requirements



    Weight 40 lbs.