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  • Anviz A300

    Fingerprint and RFID Time Attendance

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    • New generation waterproof, dust-proof and scratch-proof AFOS300 fingerprint sensor
    • User name display and human voice prompt
    • Real-time data transfer and WEB online tracking
    • USB Plug & Play connection. No driver needed
    • TCP/IP connectivity
    • USB pen drive data download
    • Fast fingerprint scan in less than 0.5 second
    • 16 different customizable time and attendance status
    • Support multiple display and software language


    • Sensor: AFOS300
    • Dimensions: 5.51 H x 7.87 W x 1.5 L in
    • Operating Temperature: 14 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Card Capacity: 2000
    • Employee Capacity: 1000
    • False Rejection Rate: .001
    • False Acceptance Rate: .00001

    A300 employs Anviz’s industry-leading fingerprint algorithm BioNANO. With a waterproof, dust-proof and scratch-proof fingerprint sensor, A300 offers a perfect time-attendance solution. Whenever you need to get the employee in and out records, everything can be easily acquired through a USB cable- no driver needed, just a USB flash drive or TCP/IP network. The time for using punch cards is over, meet the new way of clocking in everyday, meet the Anviz A300. The Anviz A300 allows your employees to use either ID and password, ID and fingerprint, fingerprint and password, or fingerprint only to clock in and out for work. Multiple entrances can be a hassle, but with the A300 you can have a unit at every entrance and have each unit point back to one management suite. The employer can then audit the mangement suite and check everyone's time schedule. The most unique feature of the A300 is the patented BioNANO Technology that maps-out an individual's fingerprints even if the print is incomplete. With this ability, the A300 is perfect for an environment where workers may have rough or scarred hands as it can accurately identify an individual with an imperfect set of prints. Also, each time an individual uses A300, the BioNANO Technology takes the image used compares it to the image in its database and the more complete image is then stored in the device.


    Manufacturer Anviz
    Access Type Fingerprint
    Keypad - Digits
    Brand Anviz

    Door requirements


    Scanner Optical AFOS
    Users 1,000


    Dimensions 5.51 (H) x 7.87 (W) x 1.5 (D) in.

    Anviz CrossChex Time Attendance and Access Control Management System

    Anviz CrossChex Time Attendance and Access Control Management System software is FREE and works with all Anviz access control and time attendance devices. Access from your PC, tablet, or mobile device using the web-based software. The user-friendly and interactive design makes this system very easy to operate. Manage staff and shift scheduling, payroll, access credentials and reporting from one centralized location.


    Manages departments and employees
    Manages devices and access restrictions
    Manages schedules, shifts and reports
    Rules out unauthorized overtime
    Imports/exports data in various file formats, such as CSV, XLS/XLSX, PDF, etc.
    Exports attendance reports to 3rd party accounting/payroll software
    Sends reports via email
    Connect to SQL database or Access database for easy installation and maintenance
    Supports all Anviz Biometric/RFID access control and time and attendance devices