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    August Smart Lock Accessory

    SKU: AUG-AK01-M01-G01


    Uh-oh. You want to be an August home but have kids without smartphones. Now what. Well, don't you worry about this. Just place this keypad next to your door and it will get your kids inside safely. Simple as!

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    • Secure access for family and friends – Create unique codes for yourself, guests, your housekeeper, or handyman to access your home
    • Custom codes for increased control – Temporary entry codes to allow access for a specified number of days or recurring codes to allow access for a specific time each week
    • Battery powered, easy to install – August Smart Keypad is powered by 2 AAA batteries, so there’s nothing to wire
    • Made for August Smart Locks – Works with all August Smart Lock models


    Able to pair with any August Smart Lock, the August Smart Keypad provides convenient keypad code entry for your home or property. Give unique permanent codes to family and tenants, and temporary codes to party guests, visiting family, the dog walker or even the maintenance guy. The Smart Keypad is completely wireless and runs on two AAA batteries with an approximate three month battery life. Mount to your exterior wall for easy access.


    Manufacturer August
    Battery Type 2 AAA
    Brand August

    Door requirements

    Battery Life 3 months


    Code Length 4 to 6 Digits
    Wireless Protocol Bluetooth BLE, WiFi


    Dimensions 2 9/10 (H) x 1 (W) x 9/10 (D) in.

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    <p>Looking to use voice commands to lock your door with Amazon Alexa? Simply pair the lock to Vera and then enable the Vera skill inside the Alexa app. Speak "Alexa, lock the front door" to your Amazon Echo or Dot, and Vera will lock the door. The cool part is you can add electronic switches, Z-Wave LED bulbs, remote control outlets, and other devices to create groups in Alexa for automating certain routines you manually do every day, like turning off the lights, locking the doors, and closing the garage when you go to bed at night.</p>

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