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    Smart Lock Conversion SFIC Core - Managed by Lockt Software

    SKU: 1SW100S7626AMSLV


    IMPORTANT: This product requires a subscription and additional parts for operation. Please contact us for more information and assistance with ordering.

    Switch to keyless. BEST Switch Tech Core provides digital access to your existing SFIC core mechanical locks. Manage credentials instead of keys and always know who is accessing the lock. Easily integrates with access control systems through cloud based software and mobile app. Managed by Lockt Software.

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    NOTE: This product requires a subscription and additional parts to operate – please call for details and ordering assistance

    • Replaces small format interchangeable core to turn a mechanical lock into a digital smart lock
    • Ideal for low- to medium-use cylindrical, mortise, padlocks, display case locks and more
    • A fraction of the cost of most electronic systems—no need to replace the lock
    • Installs in minutes—easily scales across office doors, cabinets, merchandise cases and more
    • Use credentials, not keys—credentials can be added, assigned and reassigned easily
    • Integrates with Lockt SecureAccess access control software for single-view monitoring
    • Switches out with most small format interchangeable cores
    • Satin Chrome finish standard, other finishes available via special order


    • Battery status monitoring / reporting
    • Battery change detection
    • Battery replacement from exterior
    • Capacitive touch wake-up
    • Secure electronics encased in hardened stainless steel
    • Fail secure for low / dead battery
    • Automatic time adjustments
    • Firmware updates via secured Bluetooth communication


    • High-strength stainless steel construction
    • No exposed screws or fasteners
    • Battery cap with true architectural finish
    • Tabbed knob design for easier use
    • Mechanical installation without special tools
    • Meets BHMA 156.2 Grade 1 standards for face and vertical impact
    • Meets BHMA 156.5 drill resistance standard
    • Free spinning knob when not in use — enhances tamper and vandalism resistance

    Access Control

    • Subscription-based credentials can be assigned and reassigned via primary ACS
    • Text and email notifications for a variety of events including low battery and system updates
    • Admin control over firmware updates via Switch Deck cloud
    • Up to 30 holidays and 16 holiday types
    • Compatible with multiple door modes
    • Admin override of door mode
    • Optional two-factor authentication with smartphones (PIN or on-device biometric)
    • Minimal configuration and data of core—most access control data managed on credential (less touring / updating)


    • 7-pin small format interchangeable core, not compatible with locks that require “homing”, or applications needing weather protection

    Supported by GoKeyless Virtual Support

    BEST Switch Core provides digital access to your existing SFIC core mechanical locks. Ideal for office door, cabinet and display case applications. Easily replace your existing SFIC core, instantly transforming your mechanical lockset into a smart digital lock at a fraction of the cost. This allows for audit trail capability and access control system integration* without replacing every lock you own. Manage credentials instead of keys and always know who is accessing the lock using your smartphone or Bluetooth fob in conjunction with Switch Deck cloud-based software, bridge and Switch Tech mobile app. Unlike keys which can be duplicated or stolen, credentials can be created, assigned and modified easily when employees leave. Switch Cores are designed with no exposed fasteners or openings which prevent vandalism. To operate, simply touch the core to wake, present your credential, core will flash green or red to grant or deny access, then twist to unlock like a physical key, then open the door.

    *Managed by Lockt Software


    Manufacturer Lockt
    Battery Type CR2477
    BHMA Rating 156.2, 156.5, A156.25, A156.33, Grade 1 (Best)
    Finish Satin Chrome
    Lock Features Old Activity Monitoring, Auto Relocking, Bluetooth
    Solution Electronic
    Style 7-Pin
    Access Type Smart Card/Fob
    Brand Best

    Door requirements

    Battery Life 1 Year


    Wireless Protocol Bluetooth BLE


    Dimensions 1.25 in. (diameter) by 1.17 in. (length)
    Weight 8 oz.

    With Switch Tech, key management becomes a thing of the past. Access can be quickly and easily added to virtually any existing small format interchangeable core application. An easy-to-learn, easy-to-use app integrates seamlessly with existing access control systems and allows instantaneous, secure management of all users, plus visibility into who is accessing what, when.

    The Switch Tech platform includes:

    Switch Core
    Switch Deck cloud-based software
    Switch Bridge
    Switch Tech app for Android or iOS
    Bluetooth fobs

    Lockt™ SecureAccess is the only Physical Access Control System designed specifically for Switch™ Tech. Lockt™ SecureAccess provides all of the standard features you would expect from an Access Control System. Lockt™ SecureAccess is easy to use, easy to deploy, and powerful enough to handle your Switch™ Tech focused security needs.

    Lockt™ SecureAccess is built directly into the Switch™ Tech ecosystem. By default, the Switch™ Tech bridge does not come pre-installed with Lockt™ SecureAccess. However, when enabled in Switch™ Deck*, the bridge downloads and installs Lockt™ SecureAccess. Once installed, the software runs as a module directly on the bridge itself. Because of this, there is no additional hardware needed to deploy Lockt™ SecureAccess.

    Lockt™ SecureAccess ensures that your data is safe and secure. The Switch™ Tech Bridge is hardened to prevent direct access and only communicates as needed over pre-defined ports. All direct access (USB, Keyboard, Mouse, etc.) has been disabled at the hardware level. Lockt™ SecureAccess also ensures all external communications are encrypted. All browser communications to Lock™ SecureAccess are secured via HTTPS. All communications to Switch™ Deck are secured via TLS. Lockt™ SecureAccess can automatically backup your data both internally and to an external SMB compatible source. All backups are encrypted, so your data is secure.

    Lockt™ SecureAccess provides you with all the tools you would expect from an Access Control System. Just because Lockt™ SecureAccess comes in a small package, doesn’t mean it isn’t full of big features.

    Standard features include:

    User Management
    Credential Management
    Access Level Management
    Schedules and Holidays
    Event Monitor
    Multiple Deployment Options

    Lockt™ SecureAccess can be deployed in multiple ways, depending on what suits your specific circumstances and requirements.

    On Premise

    Simply plug your Switch™ Tech bridge into your local network. Claim your Bridge via Switch Deck. From there, you can assign it a static IP address. You then have the freedom to self-manage your Bridge and Lockt™ SecureAccess as you deem necessary.

    Partner Hosted / Managed

    If you don’t want to manage your own Bridge, you can have your partner host and manage it for you**. Hosted Bridges offer the same functionality as On-Premise*** bridges, but are placed in a secure, off-site location and managed by your integration partner.

    Partner Managed Services May Include:

    Automation of Backups
    Integrated SSL Certificates
    Patch / Firmware management
    * Lockt™ SecureAccess can only be enabled by requesting activation from Lockt, LLC.
    ** Hosted services may vary depending on your integration partner.
    *** Hosted Bridges do not have direct access to your network resources and therefor are not able to take advantage of future enhancements that may connect to those resources.