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  • Centralite 3310-C

    3-Series Temp and Humidity Sensor

    SKU: 3310-C


    Comfort on auto-pilot. The Centralite 3-Series Temp and Humidity Sensor provides in-home temperature and humidity detection. Adds a variety of climate control features to your connected home letting your HVAC system operate smarter to reduce wasted energy.

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    • Accurate temperature reporting down to 0.1°C
    • Humidity reporting down to 1% RH
    • Easy-to-install mounting plate for sensor
    • Easy compatibility with other manufacturer ZigBee HA 1.2 devices
    • Pull-to-pair joining process
    • Over-the-air firmware updates

    Discover your true comfort level. The Centralite 3-Series Temp and Humidity Sensor provides advanced climate control features to help reduce energy costs. Gain more insight into how your rooms are being heated and cooled and your HVAC system can work smarter, not harder. Thermostats are usually placed in hallways, dining rooms, and kitchens, leading to hot and cold spots throughout the house. Alleviate problems like damp basements or mold issues in the summer by running the air conditioner when high humidity is detected. Fix that always warm or cold room by adding a temperature and humidity sensor so your thermostat can keep it at the right temperature. When temperature can be monitored in different areas of the house, you be notified if your HVAC system is still running efficiently. Installation is a breeze, simply attach the included mounting plate with the included screws or adhesive strips and slide the sensor into place.


    Manufacturer eZLO
    Battery Type CR2
    Warranty 1 Year Limited Manufacturer
    Brand Centralite

    Door requirements

    Battery Life 2 Years


    Wireless Protocol Zigbee
    Wireless Range 300 ft.


    Dimensions 2.34 (H) x 1.49 (W) x 0.82 (D) in.
    Weight 0.2 lbs