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    3-Series Micro Door Sensor

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    Honey, I'm home! The Centralite 3-Series Micro Door Sensor provides home automation, security, and occupancy sensing to your connected home system. Wirelessly notify when doors or windows are accessed. Set arrival or departure scenarios to activate from your ZigBee smart hub.

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    • Hall effect sensor for reliability, long battery life, and increased sensitivity
    • Magnet distance of up to 1”
    • Built-in temperature sensor
    • Easy-to-install mounting plate for sensor and magnet
    • Easy compatibility with other manufacturers’ ZigBee HA 1.2 devices
    • Echo Plus Certified
    • Pull-to-pair joining process
    • Over-the-air firmware updates

    Door sensors are a convenient and affordable way to add another layer of security and function to your home. The Centralite 3-Series Micro Door Sensor provides motion detection and notification when doors and windows are accessed. Consists of a base mounted to the frame and a magnet mounted to the door or window. Program your smart controller to send you a text when the kids get home from school, alerts when drawers that hold dangerous items are opened, or when a repairman arrives or leaves your home. Save energy and decrease your carbon footprint by creating scenarios when you leave in the morning through your smart hub. While you are away, the Micro Door Sensor can setback your thermostat, turn off lights, coffee pots or the curling iron, lower the blinds and much more using your connected smart hub.


    Manufacturer eZLO
    Battery Type CR2450
    Warranty 1 Year Limited Manufacturer
    Brand Centralite

    Door requirements

    Battery Life 2 Years


    Wireless Protocol Zigbee
    Wireless Range Approx. 130 feet (line of sight)


    Dimensions Magnet Dimensions: 1.75 (H) x 0.55 (W) x 0.46 (D) in., Sensor Dimensions: 1.75 (H) x 1.31 (W) x 0.58 (D) in.
    Weight 0.2 lbs