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    SKU: 94004 - Schlage Code Setting

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    For Schlage Keypad Locks

    Schlage keypad locks come with a 6-digit pre-set programming code, and two 4-digit pre-set user codes. You may want a programming code and user code(s) set to numbers unique to you, something you can more easily remember than the pre-set random codes provided.

    Numbers to Choose from: 0-9
    Length of Code: 6 digits (Programming Code), 4 digits (User code)

    You can use the same number more than once.

    Once you place your order, simply email us the programming code (if desired) and user code(s) you would like us to set your lock(s) to support@gokeyless.com

    For quantity, please enter how many codes you would like programmed. For example, if you are ordering 2 locks, and would like 2 of the 6-digit programming codes sequenced, and 5 of the 4-digit user codes sequenced per lock, enter in "12" for your QTY. Be sure to choose from the pick-list the total number of codes 'range' as well.

    For a service fee, we will pre-set your new Schlage keypad lock programming and user code(s) for you. When you have little patience for reading a manual, or would simply like your new keypad locks to arrive ready to use right out of the box, our personalized code setting service is hard to beat.


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