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    Standalone RFID Cabinet Lock

    SKU: KL1100-MS RFID

    Codelocks and KitLock

    Security evolved. The Codelocks KL1100 Standalone RFID Cabinet Lock provides modern, keyless locker access to gyms, schools, hospitals and more. Featuring public and private functions for local management and a powered latch enabling "push shut" closing.


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    • Standalone RFID cabinet lock
    • Stylish slimline frontplate
    • Intuitive “push shut” closing
    • Locally manage individual locks
    • Supports Private and Public functions
    • Master Card
    • Up to 50 User Cards per lock
    • Up to 10 Technician Cards per lock
    • Supports MIFARE Classic 1k
    • LED low battery warning
    • Micro USB Battery override
    • Ideal for applications where cards are issued and managed from a reception desk, such as gyms, leisure centers, hospitals, hotels, schools, and more

    Advanced Functions

    • Advanced functions require Programmer (sold separately)
    • Emergency 4-digit override code
    • Set relock delay time from 2 to 30 seconds
    • Auto-Open at X Time (Public) – latch will automatically retract at the predefined time if in a locked state
    • Auto-Open after X Hours (Public) – latch will automatically retract after the set amount of hours when it is locked
    • Dual Authorization (Private) – two authorized User or Technician Cards must be presented within 5 seconds of each other to retract latch

    The Codelocks KL1100 RFID Standalone Cabinet Lock provides modern, keyless access to gyms, schools, hospitals and more. Utilizing MIFARE Classic 1k RFID technology, the KL1100 is ideal for operations where smartcards are issued and managed from a reception desk. The KL1100 supports both public and private mode functions, providing versatility to nearly any cabinet or locker space. Public mode allows a user to access an available locker, such as in gyms and recreation centers where multiple users may be accessing the same locker for short periods of time throughout the day. In public mode, admins can set the lock to Auto-Open* after a predefined amount of time or at a specific time of day. Private mode is ideal for long-term locker use where the same pre-registered user card is repeatedly used, such as for employee or school lockers. Private mode also provides added security through a dual-authorization* feature where both a User and Technician card is required to open the locker, ensuring lost or stolen user cards cannot be used to access a private locker. Up to 50 user, 10 technician and one master card can be programmed for each lock through the Codelocks Programmer (sold separately). If a master card is lost or stolen a 4-digit override* code through Codelocks Programmer can also be used to update access. A LED indicator will flash when the battery is running low and a micro USB port at the bottom of the lock can be used to provide emergency power.

    *Codelocks Programmer (sold separately) required for advanced mode functions.


    Manufacturer Codelocks
    Battery Type 4 AA
    Finish Silver
    Brand Codelocks

    Door requirements


    Credential Format MIFARE Classic
    Credential Type Card
    Users 10 (Technician)|50 (User)


    Exterior Dimensions 5 3/4 (H) x 1 1/2 (W) x 1/2 (D) in.
    Door Thickness Maximum 1 in.
    Exterior Dimensions 5 3/4 (H) x 1 1/2 (W) x 1/2 (D) in.
    Weight 1.2 lbs.