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    Combination Slide Bolt Lock

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    • Perfect for Sheds and Gates
    • Function/Ease-of-Use of a slide bolt lock with added security
    • Heavy-Duty — Solid metal bolt and construction
    • Pick-resistant Dials — Combi-Bolt resists picking and shims with its extremely tight clearances
    • 10,000 Possible Combinations:  Choose a combination easy for you to remember
    • Rust-proof:  Suitable for outdoor use
    • Permanent One-way Screws Provided:  Combi-Bolt cannot be removed once it’s installed, sloped slot prevents screw-driver blade from counter-clockwise turning
    • Enclosed Bolt:  No padlock shackle exposed, Combi-Bolt slide bolt fits tightly into strike or bolt receiver
    • Applications:  Bolt may be recessed or flush mounted, bolt strike and bolt receiver both included
    • Instructions provided, including 3-step guide for changing code
    • Maximum Gap Width: 9/16 in.
    The first real change to one of the world's oldest locks makes securing a backyard shed, pool gate, garden gate, equipment storage door, cabinet doors, windows, livestock, and tools easy.  Think of the Combi-Bolt as an extremely rugged slide bolt lock with a 21st century twist.  This unique locking slide bolt is keyless!  Instead of hassling over keys and worrying about a lack of security, just install the Combi-Bolt and enjoy the convenience of keyless security.  With its solid steel, 3/8" in diameter, beefy sliding bolt, one-way security screws, and 10,000 possible combinations, Combi-Bolt is a durable solution more secure than a hasp and padlock.  If you've been growing tired of the feeling of whether you have enough security, or are simply fed up with keys, Combi-Bolt is a quick way to do something about it.  Instead of trying to come up with a technique you can employ for outsmarting a thief, protect your valuables with the Combi-Bolt!


    Manufacturer FJM Security Products
    Finish Black, Chrome
    Solution Mechanical
    Access Type Combo
    Locking Device Slide Bolt
    Brand Combi-Bolt

    Door requirements



    Dimensions 5 (H) x 2 (W) x 1 (D) in.
    Weight 1 lbs