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  • CompX eLock 150

    HID Electronic Refrigerator Lock

    SKU: 150-PRKP-FRG-L

    CompX eLock

    Horizontal Mount
    Supports HID Proximity Cards & Fobs (sold separate)

    Door Handing

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    • Horizontal Unit; strike plate mounted on side of refrigerator
    • Audit trail of last 1,500 access attempts with date, time and user name
    • 250 users
    • Two authority levels: user and supervisor
    • Two modes of access; Keypad, and HID Proximity Card*. Also available in Keypad only, or iCLASS HID (smart card)
    • Membrane keypad provides durable performance and easy cleaning
    • Motor driven latching mechanism
    • 6-AA battery pack; premium brand Alkaline batteries recommended (not included)
    • Low battery indicator
    • Jump start battery override available through mini USB communications port allows the user, with a valid credential, to access the CompX eLock® when the batteries are exhausted
    • Audible alarm bolt system
    • Mini USB communications port for audit trail download with optional LockView 5 software
    • Compatible with 12-volt electric door strikes to control access on interior doors
    • Standard warranty on electronics is 1 year from date of purchase and registration
    • p/n: 150-PRKP-FRG-L/R

    * Use existing identification cards, or purchase new cards from us at checkout


    • LockView 5 Software: Required software kit to download audit trails, set up time based restrictions or other programmed features. Kit includes includes software flash drive and USB/mini USB cable
    • Door switch provides instant notification of unauthorized entry or door ajar alerts (requires additional hardware)
    • Using latch splitter, eLock is capable of operating two latches or doors (requires additional hardware)
    CompX eLock 150 is a keyless, non-network electronic access control keypad and prox card lock for freezers, refrigerators, and other appliances. Since the eLock is keyless system, there are NO keys to lose or share. The eLock also provides a comprehensive audit trail of the last 1500 access attempts – including date, time and user name – which can be downloaded and viewed with LockView 5 software. The eLock can hold up to 250 unique user codes, and can be programmed to read a facility’s existing employee identification cards using HID proximity card credentials. Refrigerator / freezer versions have all three components – eLock unit, battery pack, and latch - enclosed in a housing which mounts directly to the appliance door. The strike plate is easily mounted on the side of the appliance and provides a secure latching point for the latch. Strike and the eLock assembly can be mounted either with foam tape or by drilling holes and using screws. All eLocks have non-volatile memory ensuring that all users, audit trails and other programmed features are not lost due to loss of power. The motorized spring loaded latch provides the convenience of automatic relocking – eliminating the need for cumbersome hasps and padlocks. The motorized spring-loaded latch provides the convenience of automatic re-locking – no need to enter a credential to lock the door or drawer – allowing users to access or return items quickly.


    Manufacturer CompX
    Battery Type AA
    Radio Frequency 125 kHz
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer
    Reader Type Prox Card/Fob
    Access Type Keypad - Digits
    Locking Device Spring Bolt Latch
    Brand CompX eLock

    Door requirements


    Code Length 4 to 14 Digits
    Users 250


    Dimensions 4.40 (H) x 8.40 (W) x 2.13 (D) in.