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    Invisible Cabinet Lock Pre-programmed Kit

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    CompX and StealthLock

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    • Sold as pre-programmed kit with dedicated Transmitter Pad — PLEASE NOTE Transmitter Pad will only operate the Receiver Latches packaged together with it in the kit
    • Transmitter pad operates within a 15 ft. range
    • Mount transmitter pad ANYWHERE within 15ft range with NO WIRES — on the door, or hidden in a drawer
    • Easy Programming
    • Easy Installation — StealthLock can be installed with no engineering, easily, within 5 minutes
    • Separate user and supervisor codes (four to eight digits) to operate the lock(s)
    • Special Operating Modes 
      – Passage; Enter the PIN to lock and unlock
      – Single use; Similar to a hotel safe, enter PIN to lock and same PIN to unlock
      – Self-locking; Automatically locks after a set period of time
    • Receiver latch is easily programmed by user through the transmitter pad
    • Receiver latch mounts within ½” drawer suspension clearance
    • Uses readily available batteries: 4-AAA (not included) for the receiver latch and a CR2032 coin battery (included) for the transmitter pad
    • Low battery indicator on transmitter pad
    • Designed to pass the ANSI/BIFMA 50 lb pull strength specification
    • For interior use only – recommended temperature range of 50F to 120F
    • Transmitter pad cabinet door / drawer and wall mounting plates available

    # 1 receiver latch (Up to 5)
    # 1 dedicated transmitter pad
    # 1 Mounting screws (pack)
    # 1 cabinet strike plate
    # 1 installation tool

    *Pre-programmed Kit contains all parts necessary to lock one door or drawer, up to 5 doors or drawers, based on how many openings you choose at checkout.

    Project Item — 1-2 week Shipping lead time is standard. IMPORTANT — Email/Call us with your desired user and supervisor codes at time of order.  Code length is 4-8 digits.
    GoKeyless™ is a factory trained and authorized CompX StealthLock dealer. Sales, service, support, valid warranties. It's why thousands of clients around the world choose GoKeyless™ for their security and access control needs each year.StealthLock SL-150 is a project item designed to get you up and running more quickly, with zero programming hassles.  Introduced in the Summer of 2011, this "Invisible" keyless cabinet lock continues its domination as the leading high-end cabinet solution for keyless access and control.  SL-150 kits come completely programmed, and ready for installation on wood cabinets, and lockers used in Closet, Kitchen, Education & Healthcare environments.  Control lockers, closet cabinets & storage, kitchen cabinets, liquor cabinets, entertainment units, audio/visual cabinets, office furniture, reception & conference furniture, healthcare cabinetry, retail display units.

    What Lock?

    The engineers of StealthLock must enjoy keeping a low profile because they designed this cunning keyless cabinet lock to have no profile. The locking hardware is installed on the interior side of your cabinet door or drawer.  StealthLock leaves no visible sign or trace of a securing device from the front.

    Is This Cabinet Lock for Real?

    We said the same thing the first time CompX presented it to us. Literally someone could be in your office, walk up to your cabinet and stand there scratching their heads as to why they can't open it. They'll think it should open right up because there is no sign of a key hole or lock, but that is the beauty of StealthLock, it surreptiously secures the cabinet, leaves no footprint, and only permits access to an authorized code holder.

    A Cabinet Lock Fully Controlled by Remote

    Nearly all cabinet locks suffer from the same issue - keys. We hear it all the time. Cabinet keys are never where they should be, someone lost them, or the office manager is away from her desk.  It's a scenario that leads to cabinets staying unlocked, even though there is confidential information, private records, or expensive affects on the inside. That's why StealthLock is all the craze, reduces your liability risk and exposure to theft, and is the last cabinet lock you will ever need.

    Healthcare        Residential/Closet         Locker               Office

    Invisible Keyless Cabinet Lock


    Manufacturer CompX
    Battery Type AAA
    Lock Features Old Remote Control
    Mode of Operation Passage|Self Lock|Single Use
    Solution Electronic
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer
    Access Type Keypad - Digits
    Locking Device Surface Latch
    Brand CompX

    Door requirements


    Code Length 4 to 8 Digits


    Dimensions Latch: 6.785 (W) x 2.67 (H) x .437 (D) in.|Transmitter Pad: 3.375 (W) x 1.5 (H) in.